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New Banner Online
Hello there,

Today our new banner has gone on air on Pmfun:

[Image: L2DAWNbanner.gif]

I would like to thank in the name of community the author of the banner - Ycan, who took his precious time and love to craft this masterpiece. So far, this has been the most informative and best designed banner l2dawn has ever had. It is a great honor Ycan, thank you very much!

I would also like to thank all of you guys, for being with us, helping us with your motivating messages, advice and suggestions, concerns, bug reports and your presence. It is a great joy and honor to live in L2dawn with you guys. 
[Image: useless-box-o.gif]
'Yay' for community Spirit!
'Yay' for DAWN!
I love me some midnight Sh*ttalking.
(08-16-2015, 02:25 PM)Ycan Wrote:
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'Yay' for community Spirit!
'Yay' for DAWN!

'Yay' for Ycan on the awesome new banner!
Queen of Hearts

YayCan!!!!! ;)
I feel proud of being part of L2Dawn with amazing people like you all :) .

That banner is just splendorous, Ycan!
Got this on my stream guys ! All streamer should put this banner on with they are playing
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