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Client Patch 8 Released
[Image: patchv8.png]

Hello there, 

Client Patch V8 has been released and here are the changes made:

[Image: windows10.png]

L2Dawn should now work on Windows 10. 

We would like to sincerely thank our community member Vincent for sharing his knowledge and data solving the Windows 10 issue. Thank you Vincent!

Updated colors and interface.

a) outside the game:

We have updated the overall interface of the Lineage 2 Client. Login screen menu buttons are now corresponding to the L2 Dawn information. 

b) inside the game: 

Client system messages are now colored. Important messages such as "Spoil Condition activated" will now appear on top of your screen so you can easily find out if your spoil succeeded.

[Image: example.jpg]

Event Manager and Event Coins.

Donations and Donation Coins have left the server so we have given Filaurel "a new job" - her title is now renamed to "Event Manager" and donation coins are renamed to "event coins". Note - dialogue and its' option when talking to Filaurel will still show the old text about donating. Don't be mislead, this will be changed after the server restart. 

Buff Scrolls Chests.

Buff Scrolls Chests' names were now updated and people who had them named "no item name" should now have the issue solved. 

Hope this patch will make you happy guys, 

Have fun,

[Image: useless-box-o.gif]
I really appreciate your notice, and I'm glad I supported community and staff continuing the great job they're doing ;)
I had a problem with this new patch under Win8 (not 8.1, just 8), when the game started in a window mode (2/3 of a screen) and after clicking a button to enlarge it to a fullscreen (mode), or using Alt+Enter combination (the same function), an error window appeared and the client crashed. The only way how to fix it was to manually set the screen resolution and disable the window mode in Options.ini file in L2 system folder. Just for anyone having the same problem, this is its solution.
Miss you Cruzz ;)
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