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L2Dawn playable on Linux/Mac
There is already wine 2.3 up to date - they are trying to add wrapper over DX11, but since L2 is DX9 its not needed to mess with never versions of wine, so stick with what was present at the time of interlude.

On my archlinux using wine 2.2 and wine 2.3 (main repo present version) I was unable to get L2 running, same issue as trying these versions under xubuntu. Via PlayOnLinux (POL) its very easy to maintain tens of different wine versions, so go for 1.5.0 or 1.4.1 and save yourself headache. Newer version wine 1.6.2 (main repo present version on xubuntu 16.04) already didnt work, while someone mentioned wine 1.9+ worked.

Here is the wayback link to Wildcard.rar 
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which constaint only dsetup.dll (but its not needed at all)

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