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L2Dawn playable on Linux/Mac
Hello all,

To all the people that want to use a linux distro and also want to play this beautiful game I have some good news. It is possible to do it. I will share the info with you and tell you how I could do it.

1. The distribution
The distribution that I used is Lubuntu.
Kernel : Linux 3.19.0-23-generic (x86_64)
Default C Compiler : GNU C Compiler version 4.9.2 (Ubuntu 4.9.2-10ubuntu13)
Distribution : Ubuntu 15.04
Desktop Environment : LXDE (Lubuntu)

You may try and use other distributions and share the results.

2. The wine version
The wine version used by the game is 1.5.0 (32 bit). Actually I am using PlayOnLinux -
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(a front-end for wine), but just installing wine and directx libraries / microsoft fonts should be more than enough.

2.1 Set compatibility
From winecfg tool, set L2Dawn.exe compatibility version to Windows Vista. Same for L2.exe.

3. Some patching
In order to run L2 under Linux, you need to disable the GameGuard. This can be done using this patch:
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You can find attached some screenshots with PlayOnLinux, and the game running.
Inspired from here:
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Note: Sometimes I get some errors, that L2 needs to close, but it never closes, it continues to work flawlessly. (May be because PlayOnLinux is buggy).

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A big like for this.
SKARR - L2Dawn Staff
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That might come in handy soon - Seeing how windows10 Is possible the worst product since alcohol free Beer I am considering alternatives already.

Now if only Linux had Adobe Suite support I could work on it too...
Ycan, windows 10 is easily the best windows since XP. Ubuntu will easily kick all windows asses when it comes to gaming, however is a bit of a pain to set up. Win10 has these same issues, however give it half a year you will see the benefits.

I've only updated my laptop to Win10, however the bootup speeds, Flops(T,G,M & k), and on screen performance(bitrate, resolution, fps etc...) is almost TRIPLED over Windows 7, the main windows what everyone uses. Just because it has a few issues to run Lineage 2 because of the nwindow.dll isn't being kind when it comes to backwards compatibility, doesn't make it a bad windows. Far from it.

Just for your info btw, on my laptop I was running CoD:AW at a steady 55-60fps on high settings. It runs at max gfx including max anti-aliasing and now never below 60fps, the optimization on Win10 is unreal, reaching Ubuntu levels.

Just for you to know, this tutorial works for macOSX too,
As a high Linux and open source defender, I betray myself using a mac.

BUT as far as you can install wine on a mac:
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And you have the basis knowledge in shell (cd, mv, cp...).

You just need to put the msttcore fonts in drive_c/windows/fonts !

after this, to run lineage you open a terminal, cd to the lineage folder and wine L2Dawn.exe

For any help or question feel free to pm me
Dropbox link is broken
Working very good and stable on archlinux
If I use linux, I will prefer making a virtual machine instead of wine, but i think it will require more technical setup.
When I have linux nothing runs correctly on wine.
 Jebediah is back -

[Image: photo.jpg]
Can someone upload the dropbox file again?

Im tring run L2Dawn on linux, but have some problem. Splash screen shows, but after it wine stops game...

Is it possibile to play today on linux in l2 on l2dawn?

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