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The donation system was not abandoned because people were trading the coins but because admins wanted a donation-free server. As ChinaTown has said in a post, it wouldn't make a difference if they removed the trade option for these coins. People would still exchange coins for hats/accessories and then they would sell those, but by giving the option to sell/trade the coins, the player who gets them can buy whatever he wants and not wait for someone to sell him the hat/accessory he wants. Now you can obtain these coins through gm events that take place often and obtain any hat you desire or sell the coin for adena
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We removed donations completly. Hats can be obtained via events.
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Hello there and welcome,

This was done to completely separate donations from the gameplay.
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can you print the second t-sirt with female dwarf?
Yes in IC with a baSalt please lol
When donations for T-shirts will be available?
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they will be available soon. We are still working on the web store.
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Outstanding idea!!!!
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If L2Dawn Masters can keep real world donations separate from in-game earnings, they are my True HEROES! [Image: thumbsup.png]


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