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Server status update and the future
Hello friends, 

as promised I am posting a status update. Yes, it is true, server community has decreased in past few weeks. This is related to people leaving to explore mid rate servers, summertime holidays etc. So what is Dawn going to do about that?

Online count

Before posting further information, I want to say that we will not post the amount of unique people. We have nothing to hide or fear of, but online count is a tool for admins to control and track the population of the server and serves no purpose to players other than cause illusions or spread paranoia. Indeed, from my point of view, server population count and rumors are the black plague that killed many fine servers. People started panicking and mass quitting, admins lost motivation and it was done. Also, we do not want to explain personally to each of you what does number 500 or number 800 reflect or mean. Does it mean the server is dying? Or is it growing? We use this information for statistics like now to control the advertising,  to tell you that population has decreased a bit. But since it can be interpreted by different people differently, we will not publish the mathematical information. There is simply no reason to give an opportunity for spreading the word that the ship is sinking and we need to abandon it while it is actually perfectly sailing towards the destination. People do not care what are Macdonald's burgers made of as long as they can enjoy them.  Also, numbers change everyday, so posting a constantly changing number would make no sense to people that will later join the server and read this thread. 

So.. what the hell are admins thinking?

We will simply keep going. I do not need money, fame or whatever. I am doing this because I love you and L2 Dawn. Of course, it hurts to see some people reject it and see people leaving, but well this is life, have to suck it up with tears and keep moving forward. I am doing this for the people that stayed and keep their trust with us. Pinng is currently on vacation, devs are working on the server files, SKARR is trying to be socially as active as possible. Me? Since May until the end of June I have been working on the server pretty much 24/7 pushing away my real life tasks. Now I have to deal with them so I can come back to the server work like it was before, hence my lesser activity. But my heart is always there, somewhere in Giran. 

And what about the server? 

Yes guys, it is summertime and Dawn is suffering a bit. Like everything in real life, there are challenges, downhills etc. Life is a roller coaster, that is the beauty of it. We are moving towards the uphill. We keep investing money on advertising and patiently waiting for the come back. 

Are we gonna close? 

Of course not. Other servers might take our elpies.. BUT THEY WILL NEVER TAKE OUR VALAKAS! 

Dawn doesn't die. I think our name can reflect the server life. There was the dawn on the 8th of May when this beautiful server was born. Then there came a beautiful day, which happened in June when the server was just blooming with people. Now the night has come. But what comes after the night time? DAWN. I told you before guys, we are here not or a one night stand, and as long as there are people interested in Dawn it will be up and running. 

What are you going to do with the competition? 

We will keep advertising and going further. 

Most normal servers (with some exceptions) have this cycle. Start up, gather donations, close when people start leaving. So it is normal that some people in Dawn are panicking, thinking that Dawn has reached that stage. 

But.. We are not that normal everyday server. And we are not going to close.  What are we going to do about it? We are going to outlast other servers and build credibility with you guys. It will cost us money, that is true, but being a part of an amazing faithful community is something more than money can buy. So when all those midrates will close. People will look around and they will see Dawn still standing its' ground. 

Have a beautiful warm summer, 

and don't forget to take sun cream with you in Giran. 

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I needed exactly this kind of answer!
Thanks Chinatown, we gonna keep up as well from the players side :)

I couldn't agree more. The best bet is to prove to all those folks who still play low rate servers that DAWN didn't open for 1-2 months. You have to build a name, more like a brand. My first server was eglobal years ago. Sure it has always been a huge project with internet cafes and massive advertising but they created a legendary name. Now if you ask me why thousands joined eglobal when it went live again, although there are many mid rate servers out there is exactly the name. DAWN can become one brand too. I have played in 5 low rate interlude servers the last year, all of which closed due to low population. If you can back the project and continue advertising along with the community, something good might come out of it.
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I will be the last man standing. Wanna see if there is anyone at least with enough guts to compete against me.
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"The best part about me is I am not you."
I just started to play here with few guys. That thing "Interlude Forever" and thing that u ban bots catched me. If server will live at least 1 more year, then it doesnt matter when it openned. You can't get past lvl 80, so i will catch you all. By the way i love interlude i love x5 i love that 2 boxes limit.
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good luck with that
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"The best part about me is I am not you."
Thank you GM for the good communication. This post is very comforting. Thank you for your hard work, I personnaly appreciate the server. Be courageous!

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