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Everyone read this. L2Dawn massive changes.
Hello guys,

As you might know changes in the GM team caused some bottleneck lag in our team work and delays to address various issues you guys contacted us with.
We also had some real life problems and tasks that took a great chunk of our time last week.  

Since we always want to provide quality and solve your problems as soon as possible we decided to go the expensive way. 

We have been in contact with core developers for the past few days and we have made an agreement. 

L2Dawn is getting remastered and massively fixed and updated in upcoming days by the developer team. 

L2Dawn was never and probably will never be your normal everyday casual Interlude private server because we love this project too much, hence the decision to go the best way possible. 

This will result in all quest fixes, missing dialogue options update, core game system update. 

Since this is the community driven server we would like to ask you to collaborate and provide your bugs / stuff you care about here.
Note that your reported bugs will be sent and viewed by developers so we must strongly ask you to:

  1. Make sure it is a valid bug. 
  2. Be as informative as possible (location, mob/ item/ npc/ etc. names).
  3. Provide screenshots/ video to help the team understand the issue. 
This will cost L2Dawn a great deal of resources so we would be grateful if you followed those 3 requirements. 

Thank you for your collaboration,

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What kind of changes should we be expecting?
(06-29-2015, 04:04 PM)HobbitFoot Wrote:
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What kind of changes should we be expecting?

Anything that you will report. 
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Server is getting players daily, I'm recommend players with leadership experience to create their own clans to increase server population. ChinaTown keep up the good work!
Clan: Invictus

I found something strange but as i said im new to the server and my spoiler is low lvl..Some times,not everytime, when i spoil a mob it says spoil condition activated with those big green letters on screen-which i like btw so it's easy to know if u spoiled it- but when i go to gather with sweep skill it says conditions not meet ,something like i didn't spoiled it,so i noticed that some times even when it says spoil activated in the chat window it says u missed..Also when i spoil a mob 2-3 lvls above me and it succeeds when i go to sweep either i get nothing out of the mob or i get the msg that conditions not met or something like that...
Maybe it's me and my lack of knowledge of the game or maybe it's lag .. I dont know but i found it weird so i post it there..
to Vampyr, i think you post it in a wrong thread, but anyway.

Spoil activation is not guarantee you that you will get something by sweep. After you kill the mob (or others) the mob gets blue, means that spoil was activated. Than each item has a chance to be swept, if no items meet that chance you will sweep nothing. Similar to drop.

Hope it is helped you.

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