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An important message for everyone
Hello guys! Big Grin

First of all, I have no option but to thank all of you guys for being part of such a great community and for having patience with us. We received a big amount of positive feedbacks and what else, if not that, keeps us motivated to work hard for you. I'll get to my point now. There are 3 things that I personally want to ask you guys for:

1. more patience: the GM staff is working hard for the server, but they have real life issues like all of you guys have. I know, L2Dawn is a big project that requires a big amount of attention, and we, the staff, agreed that we can handle this from the start. And yes, we are satisfied about the ways things are going. Some of you guys reported issues lately, and that's good! We know the server isn't perfect, and reporting issues brings a massive contribution to the server's health, since we'll know what to improve. The thing is that our time is limited, so we have to sort the priorities in the order of their importance. Each one of you guys are important to us, and we know that some issues are important to you, but we're doing our best to order them wisely, and of course, handle them if time permits.

2. when you have a simple question, or, I don't know, basic things to ask, do it. You know I'm opened to answer to most of your questions as far as my knowledge can help. But if there are important bugs or issues, post the directly to the forum. There's a bigger chance that a member from the staff will see it and will do something about it asap. Also, if you write us in-game about problems that require editing, log-checking, server restarting, or other things that can't be fixed immediatly, it's possible that we forget. Please write about such things on the forum, this is why we have it. - I can't complain much about this though, most of you guys understood that already.

3. When you message a GM, please directly ask the question. Don't do it like this:

are you here?
can i ask you something?"

Most of the times, we're busy and, as much as we'd love to talk, we can't because we're trying to be efficient. Yes, we like to respect and to be respected, but we must keep conversations short in game, since the game chat is harder to follow than the forum. Also, I apolagise if I sometimes don't answer. It's obvious why...

This was all. Thanks for reading and don't forget about the saint rule: HAVE FUN & ENJOY YOUR STAY!

Kindest regards,
SKARR - L2Dawn Staff
I ban bots since 1923...
That was only 3 points... not 4?

Back to the topic, thanks for the hard work!
have fun u too

[Image: wZeGoLNUthg.jpg]
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