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Big Grin 

This is the raw and original version of the pms of how much our players like our server l2dawn, I received today in-game. 

Note: nothing has been edited. Language has not been changed. It is presented as it appeared originally in-game. 

Question: how much do you love l2dawn?

Quote:[06/21/2015 22:02:28] Jefrey: I love this server as yo mama
[06/21/2015 22:02:31] Dupczok: it's yummy
[06/21/2015 22:02:36] Taz: it's like boobs - You love it anytime and anywhere !
[06/21/2015 22:02:37] Chicken: i can only think of piggyhats
[06/21/2015 22:02:39] Fed: Since i Starded playin L2Dawn my life became fullfiled with colors
[06/21/2015 22:02:40] Pindleh: It brings me back to the good old days
[06/21/2015 22:02:41] Krusnik: a good serv still having problems to fix but gm works on it daily serv is also growing
[06/21/2015 22:02:44] Spoilerka: this is the most beautiful server in my life Big Grin
[06/21/2015 22:02:44] Fed: not as grey as it was
[06/21/2015 22:02:47] Krusnik: more and more everyday :)
[06/21/2015 22:02:47] RetardNinja: ive had the most fun in this server and gm's are the best in the world
[06/21/2015 22:02:50] Defoe: much as i love Salt
[06/21/2015 22:02:50] Struhai: "Playing here is a priviledge not a right !"
[06/21/2015 22:02:51] Spoilerka: i really like it
[06/21/2015 22:02:52] PinkFloyd: I just love it that much that when I play and my girlfriend blows me I feel like that I'm
[06/21/2015 22:02:52] ICraftedBaium: when i saw the advertise on the pmfun forum i almost cried because we havent found server
[06/21/2015 22:02:55] PinkFloyd: having a threesome
[06/21/2015 22:02:56] Fed: now i found the reason of my life
[06/21/2015 22:02:58] ICraftedBaium: like this in years
[06/21/2015 22:02:58] Winser: ist the best server retail interlude no pay to win for my is am besten good people and
[06/21/2015 22:02:59] Kito: L2Dawn is very good server. I am Happy that i can play with great people and a great GMS
[06/21/2015 22:03:00] Defoe: no Salt no eat anythink
[06/21/2015 22:03:00] RetardNinja: because events here are GENIUS
[06/21/2015 22:03:01] Gamintojas: l2 dawn resembles all the best servers from our childhood that we all enjoyed and loved
[06/21/2015 22:03:03] Winser: and good gms!
[06/21/2015 22:03:04] Defoe: i think
[06/21/2015 22:03:06] Defoe: :))
[06/21/2015 22:03:07] Shookez: All I can say is it brings back my good 'ol days when i played L2 you know.. B4 life to
[06/21/2015 22:03:08] Glerokh: its most retail like server of what i play for and with most active and helpfull GMs
[06/21/2015 22:03:09] xXxWeedSm0keRxXx: crazy gm/fun events/full farming and 0 sex time Tongue
[06/21/2015 22:03:09] CursePower: OP server with smart gms?
[06/21/2015 22:03:11] Arien: i came here with my clan we were very frustated since the server we came from closed but
[06/21/2015 22:03:12] ICraftedBaium: no donate
[06/21/2015 22:03:12] Goldy: its like pissing and shitting i just need it in my life Big Grin
[06/21/2015 22:03:13] Defoe: sorry for bad english
[06/21/2015 22:03:13] Shookez: b4 lifetook over. lol
[06/21/2015 22:03:15] Sherris: L2dawn: server retail style old school for play with friend and found more interest ppl
[06/21/2015 22:03:15] Fed: this server is so amazing i cant even stand it! I Love u guys!!!
[06/21/2015 22:03:16] SoupyGoose: I love it as much as your beauitful face. ha
[06/21/2015 22:03:17] Winser: events and more events all is fun!
[06/21/2015 22:03:18] dont: not bad server :))
[06/21/2015 22:03:18] Arien: we still wanted to continue our adventure
[06/21/2015 22:03:22] Gruna: i play 10 yers on lineage 2 i have 3 yers brake i join to grate serwer interlude
[06/21/2015 22:03:25] ICraftedBaium: for items bla bla bla
[06/21/2015 22:03:29] Arien: so we saw the name of the server l2dawn
[06/21/2015 22:03:29] PinkFloyd: not so poetic but sexy
[06/21/2015 22:03:33] Stifler: my home my sweet home
[06/21/2015 22:03:34] Fed: I am playing evertyday because u made my dreams come true!
[06/21/2015 22:03:34] Vinko: it is like playing in a dream full of nostalgia of my childhood
[06/21/2015 22:03:35] SpKatey: its the best. because it brings back all of the memories that everyone lost before ^_^
[06/21/2015 22:03:38] Confused: for me its most climatic serwer best STAFF admins interested about serwer
[06/21/2015 22:03:41] Arien: dawn new day new oportunity chances
[06/21/2015 22:03:43] Kito: And I find love here :) My beautifull honey <3
[06/21/2015 22:03:44] Arien: we gave it a try
[06/21/2015 22:03:50] AsNamie: I love it so much couse its low rate no customs or shops.And playing here Is like a                               dream
[06/21/2015 22:03:54] Samsara: l2 dawn where the dreams come true where the rutine take a break
[06/21/2015 22:03:58] Arien: and the dawn became a day the brightest day
[06/21/2015 22:03:59] Fed: i feel like young kin which recieved a cat under the christmass treee
[06/21/2015 22:04:02] Himringyo: L2Dawn is a friendly island on the internet floating in friendliness that's why it make
[06/21/2015 22:04:02] Sherris: u can see clasic ppl with char dmg or the most beatiful elf and dark elf with sws or bd
[06/21/2015 22:04:07] Fed: kid*
[06/21/2015 22:04:09] Pilot: It's taking me back to the times where enemies and friends earn respect trough actions.
[06/21/2015 22:04:09] Himringyo: s the server so lovable. :)
[06/21/2015 22:04:15] SpKatey: And it revives it with the most nostalgic events and i can even smell the game when
[06/21/2015 22:04:17] Fed: This is the best server EVER
[06/21/2015 22:04:17] SpKatey: im playing ;D
[06/21/2015 22:04:22] Arien: and now we have a lot more od ppl more friends we are happy now
[06/21/2015 22:04:26] Sherris: so i love this game for the mecanic and i clan play with all class
[06/21/2015 22:04:32] Gruna: l2dawn grate server <3
[06/21/2015 22:04:39] Samsara: where the ppl like you can get peace fun and fresh mind clean
[06/21/2015 22:04:40] Fed: Since i started playing L2 i have never seen suach a masterpiece ! Big Grin
[06/21/2015 22:04:40] Arien: we love this server not just for me but for everyone n.n
[06/21/2015 22:04:41] Sherris: and have fun with all except the war xd
[06/21/2015 22:04:46] Via: more than a feeling
[06/21/2015 22:05:03] Samsara: l2 dawn our lovely server.
[06/21/2015 22:05:20] Sherris: so 3 words for l2 dawn: Play with fun Tongue
[06/21/2015 22:05:23] Samsara: Big Grin
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Note: nothing has been edited. Language has not been changed. It is presented as it appeared originally in-game.
so most people just randomly shoot compliments out of the blue without even making a converastion ? Big Grin
Lol saw my name thought i was in trouble :) , yes everyday I get messages from players and I highly recommend them to stay on server, I even offer them help if they stay.
Clan: Invictus

No darz, there was an event yesterday, and there was a question about how do people feel about L2Dawn. Big Grin
SKARR - L2Dawn Staff
I ban bots since 1923...
so... be careful logs are ON.
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"The best part about me is I am not you."
I have a feeling Retard's comments were sarcastic but deep down he really believes them Tongue
High on sleep deprivation

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Guys, this question was for fun, and all those PM's were received by ChinaTown yesterday evening. Don't worry, nobody follows your chat. Big Grin
SKARR - L2Dawn Staff
I ban bots since 1923...
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Sleep tight guys. Nobody is watching you. 
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I have never ever seen a GM making a thread like this on those millions of servers I've been over the years. This is pretty brilliant Big Grin
Btw, I Do my research - Except for some random hate message on reddit complaining that a siege started 5 hours earlier than it should I was unable to find any negative comments or feedback on any of the larger websites around that discuss L2.

That speaks for itself I guess. Keep it up, especially since I just started and dont want to miss out on the fun ;)

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