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[Guide] Geting Started and How to XP
1st. this is a guide based on my opinion and how i think you will be able to grow faster.
2nd. this guide is made for low rate server, retail like ones, considering u cant get any help from friends.
3rd. this guide will help (hope so) grow till level 76, the level i consider you should start farm in partyes so, where i cant help u considering the fact that where you will go will be a zone choosed by the whole party.
4th. this guide is made for all Chronicles till and including it, Interlude.
5th. time in this guide is reported to a 4x server, and it exclude the mins/hours u lose in towns , ports , and how lazy ur ass can be.

I believe you passed the Create an Account steps and you already logged into the game,
Now you pressed the Create button to create an character and finished it by choosing what you like and pressed again the Create button.

[Image: class_race.jpg]

after all of this you will just press the Start button and you will enter into the Lineage 2 World.

Having the level 1 as a starting level first of all you will talk with Newbie Helper a NPC near your spawn place that will give u little quest.

You will have to kill Gremlins (level 1 mobs) that are located as well near your spawn place. the respective mobs will drop a Blue Gemstone and you will have to give it to Newbie Helper.
After you finish you are able to take another quest from the same NPC and what you will have to do is to talk with the NPC next to him.
as reward you will get some low quality soul shots or spirit shots on both quests, put them on the skill bar and right click them for automatic activation.

[Image: interface_000.jpg]

01 Status Window
02 Target Window
03 Shortcut Window (aka Skill Bar)
04 Chat and System Message Windows
05 Menu Bar
06 Party Window
07 Radar

now all you have to do is to XP till level 5 and you can reach this lvl at Gremlins,
after that find your way to the town, killing mobs on the pass and make level 12 till u get there.

in town you should visit again the Newbie Helper NPC, that will give u some extra soul shots for free , and you could ask for Magic Support as well, receiving some buffs.

visit the grocery now, buy 2 Scrolls of Escape ~500 soul shots No Grade, and some Healing Potions (lesser ones) if you still got adena. and i guess you will not be able to buy a weapon as well, so you will have to ask for one with an Newbie exchange cuppon again at Newbie Helper (the cat).

you should go to learn your skills as well, searching on the map in town for your class master, go and learn the skills that are a must for you.

[Image: skill0142_0.png]
[Image: skill0141_0.png]
additional skills if you still got SP (spelling points)
for dagger users
[Image: skill0016_0.png]
for sword users
[Image: skill0003_0.png]
for bow users
[Image: skill0056_0.png]
for orcs
[Image: skill0134_0.png]
fist users (orcs)
[Image: skill0029_0.png]
weapon users (mystic orcs)
[Image: skill1001_0.png]

[Image: skill0163_0.png]
[Image: skill0214_0.png]
[Image: skill0249_0.png]
other than orcs
[Image: skill1177_0.png]
[Image: skill1090_0.png]
additional skills if you still got SP (spelling points)
[Image: skill0146_0.png]
[Image: skill0118_0.png]
after u done all this, you are able to continue (all this should take u max 15 mins, but being a newbie and you may get lost in your way, lets say 25 mins).

so you will teleport using theGateKeeper in a new zone with better mobs:
Humans - Obelisk of victory - or Elven Ruins
Elfs - Elven Fortress
Dark Elfs - Dark Forrest
Dwarfs - Abandoned Coal Mines
Orcs - Cave of the Trials

farm in this zones till level 18-20. (another 20 mins max)
and you can use now one of your Scrolls of Escape to teleport back in town, by 2clicking it.

now we will move in a new zone,
Humans will have to port in 1 zone more (Gludin Village) to be able port in Gludio as the rest of the other races .
and from Gludio you will have to port in Dion

But before that talk with Newbie Helper once again and ask for Magic Support, and ask for a better weapon as well. (i didnt told you that you should select the weapon that fit better your class, i guess you all know that if you are a mage you are looking for a weapon with better M atk, and as a fighter for a weapon with better P atk.

i hope in Dion you will find people selling soul / blessing spirit shots D grade for your weapon.
buy at Grocery Healing Potions some more Scrolls of Escape and start farm around the town till level 30.

at level 20 you should start your class change quest.
more info >>
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you can also check >>
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<< to see when you will receive new skills, and some info about them.
after you finished your class quest, you should receive some D shadow weapon tickets, and trade them for some weapons in giran at weapon store.

after you reach level 30 (another 30 mins passed without the quest) you should go in a new zone, but before you should get a better gear, go in Giran Castle Town from the Gate Keeper, and buy from NPC's the best gear D grade you can get (~3kk will cost all of them)
i also recommend you to register now (after you finish the first class quest, from level 20 to 7sings, at Priest of Dawn or Dusk Priestess, you should buy a 7sings record to see which is victorious in your server. now till level 40, because will cost you 0 adena, after will cost you 50.000 adena.

lets say you did level 30, you changed your first class occupation, so now you are ready for the new zone.

i would prefer The Ant Nest from Gludio, for mages
and Cruma Tower from Dion for fighters.

you made level 40 now, and you will start your Second Class Occupation Quest (another 30 mins passed)

Better gear you will find in Giran at Luxury Shop
C grade items in Exchange for Crystals D + C that you have to buy from players.
i recommend for:

Mages items that give casting speed as.
Homukuluss Sword
[Image: weapon_homunkuluss_sword_i01.png] you will have to put it Acumen (buy a Red Soul Crystal level 7 from Luxury Shop + gemstones at Mineral Trader in Blacksmith House and put the respective Special Ability at a Black Smith
Karmian Armor
[Image: armor_t53_u_i00_0.png]
[Image: armor_t53_l_i00_0.png]
[Image: armor_t53_g_i00_0.png]
this are the items required for a C gr mage set, to receive the respective bonuses. rest of the parts (helmet/boots..) you can buy which you want.

Fighters ill recommend weapons with Focus/Haste Special Ability even if it has lesser P atk and check at blacksmith which Soul Crystal you need. and for bows, now that you must farm , Cheap Shot.

Plated Leather Armor even if is Light, its bonuses will really help you if you wish only farm, if you believe you will do some PvP's as well choose a armor that you have Armor Master Skill
[Image: armor_t47_u_i00_0.png]
[Image: armor_t47_l_i00_0.png]
[Image: armor_t47_b_i00_0.png]
same as for mages, rest of the items parts are not important.

and jewels the best you can get, not a must for farm.
~25kk will cost you all this.

More info about Armors >>
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More info about Weapons >>
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More Things you should know.
lvl 1-19 (No Grade)
lvl 20-39 (D Grade)
lvl 40-51 (C Grade)
lvl 52-60 (B Grade)
lvl 61-75 (A Grade)
lvl 76-80 (S Grade)
items from lvl 1 till 51 you can find in NPC Shops
above only by crafting at dwarfs, or buying from other players.

You can wear a lower grade item, but wearing a bigger grade item will give u a penalty.

Also for C5-Interlude + Chronicles you can get some extra adena from players by entering a sub-clan (Academy) till u make level 40 and finish the second class quest
and after you done that, you are automatically dismissed , giving some Reputation Points to the clan. usually people pay for those points.

after you do this, as a fighter you should go in Branded Catacomb
since you are new you will have to walk (lets hope you were in the week that you can register to 7sings, and btw if you are able to buy some ancient adena, after teleport in Dion and port from the respective Priest to the catacomb, if the server is not new and you are able to do that too.) so teleport from Giran to Giran Harbor and walk in North for the catacomb, once you are there swim inside, there you can take 2 quests from the Teleported and the Statue inside.

if you are a mage, i suggest you Forest of Mirrors from any town -> Aden -> Hunters Village

and you will make sooner/later level 52 (~1 day more or less depending on how much hours you wanna spend)
if you got money for a better gear (B Grade) buy it, if not... you will farm like this.

Fighters will go in Oren -> (if you dont have ancient adena to teleport from the Priest, you will have to walk from Plains of the Lizardmans to Catacomb of Apostate till lvl 61 and after in Catacomb of Witch till 72 from Aden/Oren Hunters Village -> Forest of Mirrors -> Walk

but you can also go as Mages from Aden to Seal of Shielin (Forbidden Gateaway till C4 nammed) and farm till level 72

at 61 + its recommended at least B grade Gear, if u cant buy one, something is wrong with you Big Grin
i expect you to study more the armors, and learn from others as well what you should wear, but again mages will search for casting speed based items, and fighters for Focus(critical)/Haste(atk speed) ones.

now mages will go in Aden -> Blazing Swamp but before this they should take a quest from Oren -> Ivory Tower not to make those items, but to make quests items that you will need later at quests. fighters will need as well.
Quest info >>
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and fighters will go in Disciple Necropolis walking from Blazing Swamp or also farm with mages in the same zone.

Of course both can try farm in Forest of Dead from Rune Castle Town. mobs are 65+ with low def, and pretty good Xp but this zone is kinda limited till 74.

at 76 you could stop, mages may still need a better zone so they can go from Goddard in any zone around they prefer and continue.

also both of the classes can farm around Goddard as Solo above level 76.

at this level 76you can start the 3rd Class Occupation Change Quest and info's may be find >>
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max time passed from lvl 1 till 76 - ~3 weeks (with an average playing time not 24/7 + quests on a 4x server)
[Image: vo1ljs.jpg]
[Image: bgtslf.jpg]
"The best part about me is I am not you."
This guide is total mess - very hard to read. Only colors arent helping. Make a simple structure and a table of contents. For example: user interface, class skills, equipment, hunting zones, questing. Good luck ;)

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