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[Guide] Moonlight Sentinel
Story Line
I started this guide mainly because i like this class even if is not played that much.
On low rate servers ppl avoid it because of mp skill missing (comparing with the other 2 archers + 1 crossbower). Regarding pvp servers, most of the ppl think that Elfs aren't that kewl =)

Moonlight Sentinel
Mainly is a fast short range archer with a big chance of criticals because of his hight dex.

Moonlight Sentinel <- Silver Ranger <- Scout <- Elf Fighter.
This is the path you will fallow in your class changes.

Some stats info:
biggest DEX (35 - 1 more than d.elfs)
lowest STR (36)
low CON (36)
biggest WIT (14)
medium INT (23)
medium MEN (26)

what are this stats for ? well...
Quote:STRIncreases amount of physical damage.DEXIncreases attack speed, physical skill speed, accuracy, evasion, critical hit probability, success rate of dagger skills (such as Deadly Blow), shield defense success rate, and movement speed.CONIncreases maximum HP and CP, HP recovery speed, weight limit, underwater breath gauge, shock resistance, and bleeding resistance.INTIncreases damage of magic attacks and success rate of curse spells.WITIncreases chance of magic critical hits, casting speed, resistance to Hold, resistance to curses (such as HP degeneration, decreased HP recovery rate, increased skill re-use time, and decreased effect of heals).MENIncreases magic defense, maximum MP, MP recovery speed, poison resistance, and curse resistance. Decreases probability of magic interruption.To change these ability values, a symbol can be created through the Symbol Maker.
this stats are based on %, this mean if you will add +1 to them, will give u more or less, depending on how much you got on ur basic stats.
i'll not explain you how to add dyes, because this is not a guide for, but i'll let u some links to learn about them.
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how much % give dyes for every class, and some more info.
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full info about what classes can add what dyes, and more concerning about.

So you created your character ( info
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, be sure u made it elf fighter )and you entered the world. You will be spawned in Shadow of the Mother Tree, which in our case, is near your home town (Elf Village). Anyway i'll not talk now about how to grow up your character because i did a guide
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, so fallow it.
I'll just add in this one things you may need to do more/pass and things adapted to other chronicles.
First class transfer quest
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at level 36 ( quest for Gracia Part 2+ chronicles) i suggest you to do this Pailaka Quest because it will give you a nice reward, but more than that you will gain nice experience.
From 36 you will advance to 40 with no problem at it's end but keep in mind to join an academy before.
Pailaka Quests Info
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in Gracia Part1+ chronicles you will be able finish the second class transfer quest in a shorter way, info
If you are playing a lower chronicle than that, then you will find your quests info [url=]>> Here1 <<
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You are not allowed to view links.Register or Login to view.
3rd class change quest at level 76
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Well you got more self buffs compared to other classes (such as: M def, Run speed, P atk, P def, MP decrease for skills) but you have no mp regeneration skills (Pain of Sagittarius - which give you MP by taking you some HP).
So my recommend is to farm in place where you can find mobs that drop herbs, and you will be just fine. This if you don't prefer solo farm.(Wall of Argos, Ketra Outpost, Varka Outpost, Dead Forrest). But be sure that a party will always fit your class better.

Keep in mind that you got no MP recovery skill, low range but high atk speed (ofc if you buff urself with Rapid Fire - which decrease ur range and increase ur atk speed), pretty good M def and a big chance of criticals.
Don't try to be the "tanker" but use ur "pro's" at maximum, like: you got big dex+big atk speed = fast skill reuse, which means you will be able to give fast stuns. Use them against those who try to kill ur cardi, or against enemies cardi (why only on them ? because you have no mp recharge skill and we prefer to keep rechargers mp for healers).
Other moves concerning pvp, are those which we all know, such as: move every time because you got passive Acrobatic Move - increase ur evasion while moving and Esprit - increase your MP regen. on the same situation. Also i saw in gracia+ chr. skills deal more dmg (maybe because of the server i played, but i saw this thing on offi files too.... players used more the skills in pvp than simple shots, or maybe because the crit chance is lowered... ) so use skills more in pvp for this chronicles.
Offensive skills
[Image: skill0102_0.png] Entangle - Instantly reduces enemy's Speed .
[Image: skill0101_0.png] Stunning Shot - A stunning blow that inflicts damage to a target with an arrow. Requires a bow.Over-hit is possible.
[Image: skill0019_0.png] Double Shot - Allows two arrows to be fired quickly. Critical hit is possible. Over-hit is possible. Requires a bow.
[Image: skill0343_0.png] Lethal Shot - Shoots a potentially deadly arrow. Over-hit is possible. Usable when one is equipped with a bow.
[Image: skill0354_0.png] Hamstring Shot - Inflicts damage to an enemy while reducing their Speed. Critical hit is possible. Requires a bow.
[Image: skill0369_0.png] Evade Shot - Inflicts damage to the enemy and instantly increases one's Evasion significantly. Usable when one is equipped with a bow. Over-hit is possible.
[Image: skill0772.png] Arrow Rain - Rain of arrows falls down from the sky. Available to use when using arrow weapons. Over-hit is possible.
[Image: skill0924.png] Seven Arrow - Shot a series of 7 arrows. Available to use when using arrow weapons. Over-hit is possible.

Self Buffs
[Image: skill0091_0.png] Defense Aura - Temporarily increases P. Def. Effect 2.
[Image: skill0077_0.png] Attack Aura - Temporarily increases P. Atk. Effect 2.
[Image: skill0230_0.png] Sprint - Temporarily increases Running Speed. Effect 2.
[Image: skill0123_0.png] Spirit Barrier - Temporarily increases M. Def. Effect 2.
[Image: skill0415_0.png] Spirit of Sagittarius - Temporarily decrease MP consumption of a physical skill. Effect 3.
[Image: skill0303_0.png] Soul of Sagittarius - Temporarily decrease Maximum MP. Effect 4.
[Image: skill0416_0.png] Blessing of Sagittarius - Temporarily decrease physical skill's recovery time. Effect 4.
[Image: skill0413_0.png] Rapid Fire - Temporarily increases Atk Speed and decrease Bow Range . Effect 8.Other Support Skills
[Image: skill0058_0.png] Elemental Heal - Regenerates HP
[Image: skill0334_0.png] Focus Skill Mastery - Significantly increases excellent skill rate triggered by Skill Mastery. Consumes MP continuously.
[Image: skill0312_0.png] Vicious Stance - Increases critical attack power. MP will be consumed continuously.
[Image: skill0256_0.png] Accuracy - Increases Accuracy. Continuously consumes MP.

For Gracia + i suggest you to buy common items for jewels/weapons. Also u will see that i suggested you a dagger till lvl 40 because till that lvl you got skills for both weapons, dagger and bow, at the same power and considering your low mana, using a bow will just make you lose time resting (recharge mp). If you don't have money for both weapons to change the bow with the dagger when u got no mana just buy the dagger and you will be just fine. Keep in mind that having a dagger till lvl 70 will help you A LOT.
Level 1-19 No Grade
not an important lvl but the best you can get (only from Dion) is:
[Image: armor_leather_helmet_i00.png] Hard Leather Helmet
[Image: armor_t30_u_i00.png] Hard Leather Shirt
[Image: armor_t30_l_i00.png] Hard Leather Gaiters
[Image: armor_t30_g_i00.png] Bracers
[Image: armor_t32_b_i00.png] Low Boots
[Image: weapon_composition_bow_i00.png] Composite Bow
[Image: weapon_sword_breaker_i00.png] Sword Breaker
[Image: accessary_blue_diamond_necklace_i00.png] Blue Diamond Necklace
[Image: accessary_coral_earing_i00.png] Coral Earring
[Image: accessary_blue_coral_ring_i00.png] Blue Coral Ring
level 20-39 D Grade
again not really important but the best you can get (with the help of blacksmith of mammon by paying some ancient adena) as for the armor there is something better but i find the time lost more importan than the time you will use this armor.
[Image: armor_leather_helmet_i00_0.png] Brigadine Helmet
[Image: armor_t42_u_i00_0.png] Manticore Skin Shirt
[Image: armor_t42_l_i00_0.png] Manticore Skin Gaiters
[Image: armor_t42_g_i00.png] Manticore Skin Gloves
[Image: armor_t42_b_i00_0.png] Manticore Skin Boots
[Image: weapon_cyclone_bow_i00.png] Light Crossbow
[Image: weapon_mithril_dagger_i00.png] Mthril Dagger
[Image: accessary_elven_necklace_i00.png] Elven Necklace
[Image: accessary_elven_earing_i00.png] Elven Earring
[Image: accessary_elven_ring_i00.png] Elven Ring
level 40-51 C Grade
[Image: armor_leather_helmet_i00_0.png] Full Plate Helmet
[Image: armor_t47_u_i00_0.png] Plated Leather
[Image: armor_t47_l_i00_0.png] Plated Leather Gaiters
[Image: armor_t62_g_i00.png] Full Plate Gauntlets
[Image: armor_t47_b_i00_0.png] Plated Leather Boots
[Image: weapon_eminence_bow_i01.png] Eminence Bow (Cheap Shot)
[Image: weapon_dark_screamer_i01.png] Dark Screamer (Focus)
[Image: accessary_necklace_of_binding_i00.png] Nassen's Necklace
[Image: accessary_nassens_earing_i00.png] Nassen's Earring
[Image: accessary_ring_of_binding_i00.png] Nassen's Ring
level 52-60 B Grade
Doom Light is a really good armor for offensive status compared to Blue Wolf Light which give you defensive bonuses. The only problem is that you will need to choose open field zones where mobs drop herbs because the armor give no mana regen like Blue Wolf and this problem will affect your farm a lot...
If you don't have enough money for a B armor, use Plated Leather.... it will do the "thing".
[Image: armor_leather_helmet_i00_0.png] Doom Helmet
[Image: armor_t72_ul_i00_0.png] Leather Armor Of Doom
[Image: armor_t72_b_i00_0.png] Doom Gloves - Light Armor
[Image: armor_t68_g_i00_0.png] Boots Of Doom - Light Armor
[Image: weapon_hazard_bow_i01.png] Bow of Peril (Quick Recovery)
[Image: weapon_kris_i01.png] Kris (Focus)
[Image: accessary_necklace_of_black_ore_i00.png] Necklace of Black Ore
[Image: accessary_earing_of_black_ore_i00.png] Earring of Black Ore
[Image: accessary_ring_of_black_ore_i00.png] Ring of Black Ore
level 61-75 A Grade
Its obvious that you may not have money for Shyeed's Bow, so there is no problem in choosing Soul Bow (Quick Recovery). At this lvl armor depend on ur style, Majestic for +STR and a bit of more def. , Dark Crystal for +DEX.
You can also choose Tallum Heavy too (INSANE atk speed, believe me... but insane loosing mp)
[Image: armor_helmet_i00_0.png] Dark Crystal Helmet
[Image: armor_t75_u_i00_0.png] Dark Crystal Leather Armor
[Image: armor_t75_l_i00_0.png] Dark Crystal Leggings
[Image: armor_t75_g_i00_0.png] Dark Crystal Gloves - Light Armor
[Image: armor_t75_b_i00_0.png] Dark Crystal Boots - Light Armor
[Image: weapon_shyid_bow_i01.png] Shyeed's Bow (Focus)
[Image: weapon_bloody_orchid_i01.png] Bloody Orchid (Focus)
[Image: accessary_inferno_necklace_i00.png] Majestic Necklace
[Image: accessary_inferno_earing_i00.png] Majestic Earring
[Image: accessary_inferno_ring_i00.png] Majestic Ring
level 76-79 S Grade
If you dont have money for armor, keep collecting adena for S80 and use ur A grade.
[Image: armor_leather_helmet_i00_0.png] Draconic Leather Helmet
[Image: armor_t89_ul_i00_0.png] Draconic Leather Armor
[Image: armor_t89_g_i00_0.png] Draconic Leather Gloves
[Image: armor_t89_b_i00_0.png] Draconic Leather Boots
[Image: weapon_draconic_bow_i01.png] Draconic Bow (Focus)
[Image: accessory_tateossian_necklace_i00.png] Tateossian Necklace
[Image: accessory_tateossian_earring_i00.png] Tateossian Earring
[Image: accessory_tateossian_ring_i00.png] Tateossian Ring
level 80-83 S80 Grade
Because Moirai appeared in Freya you will choose Dynasty till that chronicle.
[Image: armor_leather_helmet_i00_0.png] Moirai Leather Helmet
[Image: armor_t101_u_i00_0.png] Moirai Leather Breastplate
[Image: armor_t101_l_i00_0.png] Moirai Leather Legging
[Image: armor_t101_g_i00_0.png] Moirai Leather Gloves
[Image: armor_t101_b_i00_0.png] Moirai Leather Boots
[Image: weapon_icarus_spiter_i01.png] Icarus Spitter (Focus)
[Image: accessary_bluelycan_necklace_i00_0.png] Moirai Necklace
[Image: accessary_bluelycan_earring_i00_0.png] Moirai Earring
[Image: accessary_bluelycan_ring_i00_0.png] Moirai Ring
level 84+ S84 Grade
[Image: armor_leather_helmet_i00_0.png] Vesper Leather Helmet
[Image: armor_t95_u_i00_0.png] Vesper Leather Breastplate
[Image: armor_t95_l_i00_0.png] Vesper Leather Legging
[Image: armor_t95_g_i00_0.png] Vesper Leather Gloves
[Image: armor_t95_b_i00_0.png] Vesper Leather Boots
[Image: weapon_vesper_thrower_i01.png] Vesper Thrower (Focus)
[Image: vesper_necklace_i00.png] Vesper Necklace
[Image: vesper_earring_i00.png] Vesper Earring
[Image: vesper_ring_i00.png] Vesper Ring
Regarding the above items, try to get the "Chaos" ones which will give you more bonuses per part of the set.
Epic items
If you got access to them.
[Image: armor_leather_helmet_i00_0.png] Elegia Leather Helmet
[Image: armor_t98_u_i00_0.png] Elegia Leather Breastplate
[Image: armor_t98_l_i00_0.png] Elegia Leather Legging
[Image: armor_t98_g_i00_0.png] Elegia Leather Gloves
[Image: armor_t98_b_i00_0.png] Elegia Leather Boots
[Image: accessory_necklace_of_valakas_i00_0.png] Necklace Of Valakas
[Image: accessory_earring_of_zaken_i00_0.png] Zaken's Earring
[Image: accessory_earring_of_antaras_i00_0.png] Earring Of Antharas
[Image: accessory_ring_of_baium_i00_0.png]Ring Of Baium
[Image: accessory_ring_of_queen_ant_i00_0.png] Ring Of Queen Ant

For Majestic (at A gr)
+Str -Con (4)
For Dark Crystal (at A gr) but in general too
+Dex - Con (2)
For Farm
+Str -Con (4)+Dex -Con (2)

For Hellbound+ chronicles
[Image: etc_fire_stone_i00.png]Fire
Armor till Freya
[Image: etc_holy_stone_i00.png]Holy
[Image: etc_unholy_stone_i00.png]Dark
[Image: etc_water_stone_i00.png]Water
[Image: etc_wind_stone_i00.png]Wind
[Image: etc_earth_stone_i00.png]Earth
Armor after Freya
Try to get as much different atributes as you can, since now you can put 3 different types on the same piece of the item. Keep in mind that i did not played archers that much, nor newer chronicles... im kinda newbie in attribute system, but this is what i tested, used and heard.

Triggers (subclass skills)
Emergent Ability
[Image: skill0141_0.png] Physical Damage x3
Class-Specific Ability skills
[Image: skill1086_0.png] Counter Haste - From Warrior Subclass - 3% chance to increase Atk.Spd. when attacking
[Image: skill1418_0.png] Counter Barrier - From Enchanter Subclass - 3% chance to become temporarily invincible to damage (but not debuffs) when under attack
[Image: skill0110_0.png] Counter Defense - From Tank Subclass - 3% chance to increase P.Def and M.Def when under attackInstead of last 2, you can choose Great Physical Offense and Critical Rate (if you think ur triggers have too low rate).

Skills Enchantment
[Image: doubleshot.jpg]
Double Shot
Mainly you will enchant it on Power, but for gracia+ you will enchant it on the attribute you use on your weapon.
[Image: elementalheal.jpg]Elemental HealCost just because you may need it in oly where your mana is very precious.
[Image: entangle.jpg]EntagleChance.
[Image: soulofsagittarius.jpg]Soul of SagittariusAdd Defense.
[Image: stunshot.jpg]Stun ShotChance.
[Image: skill0402_0.png]Arestenchant it on chance.
[Image: ultimateevasion.jpg]Ultimate EvasionTime.
[Image: viciousstance.jpg]Vicious StancePower.
[Image: skill0256_0.png]AccuracyCost.

End word
I hope this guide will atract more ppl to this class and if i did some mistakes, please correct me, i'll edit it and also try to improve it in the future.
Credits, oh sheesh fully me but ofc... thanks to pmfun/stratics.
[Image: vo1ljs.jpg]
[Image: bgtslf.jpg]
"The best part about me is I am not you."
I also love Moonlight Sentinel but...50% of this guide doesn't even work on Interlude xD
(02-27-2016, 01:47 PM)Dreamoz Wrote:
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I also love Moonlight Sentinel but...50% of this guide doesn't even work on Interlude xD

Sido just copied and pasted it from some Kamael site :) I remember asking him why it includes Kamael stuff, said something like just in case the server upgrades to HB+ Big Grin 
I'd like a source on dexterity increasing dagger skill land rate in Interlude. My understanding is this was something removed in c3/c4.
It doesn't. Yes it was removed back in C3...
Quote:The success rates of Mortal Blow, Deadly Blow, and Backstab skills were adjusted so as not to be affected by the skills that increase critical rates. MP costs of such skills were reduced.
Counter haste doesn't proc from ranged attacks.

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