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[Guide]Spectral Dancer
Story Line

I know this guide will not be very usefull for most of you guys,
in a time when most of the servers are high rate, or most preferred ones are,
in a time when most of the ppl prefer to play a more offensive class, rather than defensive.
when all ppl want to make pvp Counts and be "something" in other eye.

Spectral Dancer
is the opposite, being a more Tactic class,
observing others move and trying to block them.
a well played spectral dancer + a sword muse are better than 3 more dd's,
i mean this 2 classes played well in a party, can make this party win vs another party + 3 more dd's.

Spectral Dancer <- Blade Dancer <- Palus Knight <- Dark Elf Fighter.
This is the path you will fallow in your class changes,
and yes, he is a sexy dark elf, with:

high DEX (34 - 1 lesser than elfs)
biggest STR (41)
lowest CON (32)
medium WIT (12)
big INT (25)
medium MEN (26)

what are this stats for ? well...

this stats are based on %, this mean if you will add 1 of them, will give u more or less, depending on how much you got on ur basic stats.

ill not explain you how to add dyes, because this is not a guide for, but ill let u some links to learn about them.
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how much % give dyes for every class, and some more info.
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full info about what classes can add what dyes, and more concerning about.

So you created your character ( info
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, be sure u made it dark elf, fighter )

and you entered in this world. you will be spawned in Shilien Temple.
so ill not talk you mainly about how to grow your character, because i did a guide
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, fallow it.
ill just add in this one things you may need to do more, or pass and things adapted to other chronicles.

first class transfer quest
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at level 36 ( quest for Gracia Part 2+ chronicles) i suggest you to do this Pailaka Quest, it will give you a nice reward, but more than this you will gain nice experience. from 36 you will advance to 40 with no problem at its end. so be careful to join an academy before.

Pailaka Quests Info
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in Gracia Part1+ chronicles you will be able finish the second class transfer quest in a shorter way. info >> Here <<.
if you are playing a lower chronicle than that, then you will find your quests info
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3rd class change quest at level 76
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till level 65 you will have no problem in solo farming, you don't need more than few pots, atk speed + ur self buff. maybe ask in town from ppl for something more.
ofc with a buffer and another dd you can farm even better, even till 75 or more with no problem.

but in gracia + chronicles (not sure which, the newbie helper give you the respective buffs till level 75, so till that level you will farm solo very well)

don't listen to others, you got a big STR, and since farming is based on simple hits and not skills, you are a good DD in PVE.
don't be afraid to change your style depending on your party members, i mean, if you are with malees players, use your duals, if you are with archers use a bow (but be careful, unlike Sword Muse you cant give dance with other weapon than duals ), you are in a mages party , so sit down and look at them Big Grin.

normally a SD (55 +) can hold up to 5 dances with no problem (counting sometimes he can sit) this if the party don have a SWM too, or the SWM don't give songs near you.
with a SWM you will be able to give up to 4 dances but at level 78+ (thanks to inner rhythm )
and careful at your inventory, because having more than 50% weigh, and gaining that penalty, your mana regen. speed will be decreased.


PVE Based Tactics
as i said, you will be able to give more dances if you give them alone(with no songs up on u)
and since SWM is used as much as a SD you will have to learn how to save your mana.

fist of all so called "take distance" , you will give dance in a corner and swm in other, so the party members will be between you too and take "disco" from both, but you will not take songs, and he will not take dances.
if swm don't know about this, learn him, understand that not all are experts so lose 2 mins and learn him than call him noob and make the party die.
you will see how easy is to apply it, most of the rooms (Monastery of Silence / Imperial Tomb / etc. ) and as well other farm spots, got the perfect distance from a corner to other for this "tactic".

you may be asked to make trains for mages aoe, or titans/warlords aoe. ask for other prophecy than Chant of Victory, running faster is more important than having more def.
at mages aoes, usually you will resist to maximum mobs,
but at fighters aoe, be careful, take only as much as you can handle, and if ppl ask you for more tell them GTFO because they can get their mobs easyer and safer.

you may ask when you should use hex. well at pve only in solo / small party , when a swm is not included and you are able to regen. all your mana.

i talked about your worry about mana so much, and now you may ask: how much mana you can regen?.
this is simple, lets say this is your mana bar |--------xxxx / xxxx--------| the red % part you can regen it with no problems.
solo you will consume (careful, i said CONSUME not regen) smth like this |--------xxxx / xxxx--------|
(and when i say solo, i mean with no other penalty, this including: having "disco" on you, weigh more than 50%, and any other)
in party you will consume |--------xxxx / xxxx--------| with no clarity buff.
in party you will consume |--------xxxx / xxxx--------| with clarity buff.

most of the ppl say you are a leecher, but i contradict all of them. you got high P atk because of your STR and your based weapon, use it well in your party.

and at rb don't be afraid to tank, why to take a leecher in party when u can do his job ?
anyway a tank could not hold the RB target to much, and for those sec's till the big DMG is done( i mean the time that minions of RB are still alive) you got Ulltimate Defense.

PVP Based Tactics
well, here is a different story.
i told you how important is your place in a pvp party, but i didnt told you why.

first of all you should learn that you are a Tank based class this mean you learn passive M def till ur max level. so never be afraid of mages (if u got low gear just run =) )

second, you got armor mastery only till level 40, when you change your class to blade dancer, so mainly its not important your armor (heavy/light, live example is me, i used draco armor a long time and i had no major problems at that level, and its better for farm too) BUT since you are a tank based class, your armor mastery is better than a simple dd one. so it will not be so big diff from a class that learn it till max. level to you that u stop learning it at level 40. so for pvp, i recommend Heavy

now that you know this, you should know that your tactic will depend on your party.

Mages Party
its a bit more fun (at least for me)

because you will give mainly 3 dances. (Concentration/Mystic/Sirene)
so you will have some mana more to play.

your place is here (as always) to defend healers, use arrest on enemies that come to kill them.
and do the same for the targets that try to run out from your nukers dmg.

agression is a good skill as well, use it, take the targets on you.
its easier for a healer to give you heal than give himself.
in the same time the healer survive is more important than you, your dances have some time, and even without them a party can survive if his healer is up.

Archers Party
don't be afraid to use a bow,
maybe you don't have such big criticals as them, but you got a good dmg, at least to hold their CP down.

not always you will got a "Hexer" in party, so use hex to decrease P def of your enemies.

Malee Party
you will not find this kind of party mainly done for events.
but, you may be in one at farm, and get rushed or rush a enemy party.

the tactics are mainly the same as for mages/archers kind party.
so will be easy for you to get the path.

Against Mages
beside the defensive tactics for your party.

ill tell you once again, don't be afraid of them, an archer could not resist more than you vs a mage,
you have M def passive, he don't.

Against Archers
you go reflect arrow active skill.

and yes a SD can kill easy a archer in a 1vs1.

Against Malee
Arrest its all you have to do.
no malee will take a bow instead of asking for cleanse.
so arrest them all, and lol a lot.

Things you should know
as far as i tested,

arrest is based on str/p atk.

medusa land a lot in gracia +
arrest the same

Skills i talk about, and not only

Dances setup for Fighters Party

[Image: skill0274_0.png] Dance of Fire - Temporarily increases party members' critical damage. Continuous dancing consumes additional MP. Requires a dual-sword weapon. (learned at level 40)
[Image: skill0271_0.png] Dance of Warrior - Temporarily boosts party members' P. Atk. Continuous dancing consumes additional MP. Requires a dual-sword weapon. (learned at level 55)
[Image: skill0275_0.png] Dance of Furry - Temporarily increases party members' attack speed. Continuous dancing consumes additional MP. Requires a dual-sword weapon. (learned at level 58)

aditional dances for them.
[Image: skill0310_0.png] Dance of Vampiric - Party members absorb some HP from damage inflicted on enemies. Excludes damage from skills or ranged attacks. Continuous dancing consumes additional MP. Requires a dual-sword weapon.(learned at level 74)malee partys will want it at farm
[Image: skill0272_0.png] Dance of Inspiration - Temporarily increases party members' accuracy. Continuous dancing consumes additional MP. Requires a dual-sword weapon.(learned at level 46) and only if is asked for/if party give so much misses.
[Image: skill0277_0.png] Dance of Light - Temporarily bestows sacred power to party members' physical attack. Continuous dancing consumes additional MP. Requires a dual-sword weapon.(learned at level 43)a lot of ppl may ask for it, since Holy atribute is mostly used for farm.

Dances setup for Mages Party

[Image: skill0276_0.png] Dance of Concentration - Temporarily increases party members' Casting Spd., and decreases magic cancel rate. Continuous dancing consumes additional MP. Requires a dual-sword weapon.(learned at level 52)
[Image: skill0273_0.png] Dance of Mystic - Temporarily increases party members' M. Atk. Continuous dancing consumes additional MP. Requires a dual-sword weapon.(learned at level 49)
[Image: skill0365_0.png] Dance of Sirene - Temporarily increases a party member's success rate of inflicting critical damage through attack magic. Continuous dancing consumes additional MP. Requires a dual-sword weapon.(learned at level 78)

aditional dances for them
[Image: skill0915.png] Dance of Berserker - Decreases a party member's P. Def., M. Def. and evasion, and increases their P. Atk., M. Atk., Atk. Spd., Casting Spd. and movement speed for 2 minutes.(learned at level 83)

Aditional dances for both setups

[Image: skill0307_0.png] Dance of Aqua - Temporarily increases party members' resistance to water attacks. Continuous dancing consumes additional MP. Requires a dual-sword weapon.(learned at level 70)used if you know you will pvp vs spellsingers, if not, no sense to occupy 1 more slot.
[Image: skill0309_0.png] Dance of Earth - Temporarily increase your party members' resistance to earth attacks. Continuous dancing consumes additional MP. Requires a dual-sword weapon.(learned at level 62)mainly used for Hellbound + chronicles in pvp, for more resistance against medusa
[Image: skill0366_0.png] Dance of Shadow - Momentarily changes Speed and gives the ability not to receive the preemptive attack of monsters to the party members. MP consumption increases additionally when dancing while song/dance effect lasts. Requires a dual-sword weapon.(learned at level 77)used only when u need to pass some zone with mobs and don't want to lose your tile killing them
[Image: skill0530.png] Dance of Alignment - Drastically increases 2 characteristic resistances of a party member. MP consumption increases additionally when dancing while song/dance effect lasts. Usable when a dual sword is equipped.(learned at level 79)for chronicles Hellbound +, give you resistance to holy and dark attacks, use it, a lot of kamales out there.
[Image: skill0765.png] Dance of Blade Storm - Temporarily increases the party member's resistance to bow and decreases magic power. Additionally increases MP consumption when singing while song/dance is in effect. Available to use when dual weapons are equipped.(learned at level 76)for chronicles Hellbound + , this dance last only 30 sec and reuse is a bit more than the others dance, so you will use it mainly in first hits vs a archer party, and NOT use it in a mage party. and it learned by 2clicking a scroll that you get from a book droped by some mobs in Isle of Prayers.

Offensive skills

[Image: skill0402_0.png] Arrest - Provokes an enemy to attack and then temporarily puts them into a held state. The target cannot be affected by any additional hold attacks while the effect lasts.
[Image: skill0002_0.png] Agression - Provokes your opponent into attacking.
[Image: skill0122_0.png] Hex - Temporarily reduces a target's P. Def
[Image: skill0367_0.png] Dance of Medusa - Dances to summon the phantom of Medusa. Instantly applies flint fire to the nearby enemies. Requires a dual-sword weapon. (learned at level 77) temporarily petrify surrounding enemies

Defensive skills

[Image: skill0028_0.png] Confusion - Throws the enemy into confusion and gets them to change the target of their attack. Only against mobs.
[Image: skill0110_0.png] Ultimate Defense - Instantly increases P. Def., M. Def. and resistance to debuff attacks. Immobilizes while in effect

Self Buffs

[Image: skill0091_0.png] Defense mxc - Temporarily increases P. Def. Effect 2.
[Image: skill0077_0.png] Attack mxc - Temporarily increases P. Atk. Effect 2.
[Image: skill0112_0.png] Deflect Arrow - Temporarily increases defense against bow attacks. Effect 2.

i suggest you for gracia + to buy common items for jewels/weapons.

level 1-19 No Grade
not really important but the best you can get is.
in Dion you can get this items

[Image: armor_leather_helmet_i00.png] Hard Leather Helmet
[Image: armor_t34_u_i00.png] Bronze Breastplate
[Image: armor_t34_l_i00.png] Bronze Gaiters
[Image: armor_t30_g_i00.png] Bracers
[Image: armor_t32_b_i00.png] Low Boots

[Image: weapon_falchion_i00.png] Falchion

[Image: accessary_blue_diamond_necklace_i00.png] Blue Diamond Necklace
[Image: accessary_coral_earing_i00.png] Coral Earring
[Image: accessary_blue_coral_ring_i00.png] Blue Coral Ring

level 20-39 D Grade
not really important but the best you can get is.
weapon you can make it at blacksmith of mammon with some ancient adena.
and armor, there is another set better but i consider losing time for making it its useless.

[Image: armor_leather_helmet_i00_0.png] Brigadine Helmet
[Image: armor_t43_u_i00_0.png] Brigadine Tunic
[Image: armor_t43_l_i00_0.png] Brigadine Gaiters
[Image: armor_t43_g_i00.png] Brigadine Gauntlets
[Image: armor_t43_b_i00.png] Brigadine Boots

[Image: weapon_elven_long_sword_i00.png] Elven Long Sword

[Image: accessary_elven_necklace_i00.png] Elven Necklace
[Image: accessary_elven_earing_i00.png] Elven Earring
[Image: accessary_elven_ring_i00.png] Elven Ring

level 40-51 C Grade
both duals give the same bonuses, 4% atk speed.
armor i suggested you a light for a faster solo farm, but the full plate set is good also.

[Image: armor_leather_helmet_i00_0.png] Full Plate Helmet
[Image: armor_t47_u_i00_0.png] Plated Leather
[Image: armor_t47_l_i00_0.png] Plated Leather Gaiters
[Image: armor_t62_g_i00.png] Full Plate Gauntlets
[Image: armor_t47_b_i00_0.png] Plated Leather Boots

[Image: weapon_dual_sword_i00.png] Katana*Katana / Raid Sword*Raid Sword

[Image: accessary_necklace_of_binding_i00.png] Nassen's Necklace
[Image: accessary_nassens_earing_i00.png] Nassen's Earring
[Image: accessary_ring_of_binding_i00.png] Nassen's Ring

level 52-60 B Grade

[Image: armor_leather_helmet_i00_0.png] Blue Wolf Helmet
[Image: armor_t68_u_i00_0.png] Blue Wolf Breastplate
[Image: armor_t68_l_i00_0.png] Blue Wolf Gaiters Heavy armor
[Image: armor_t68_g_i00_0.png] Blue Wolf Gloves Heavy armor
[Image: armor_t68_b_i00_0.png] Blue Wolf Boots

[Image: weapon_dual_sword_i00.png] Samurai Long Sword*Samurai Long Sword

[Image: accessary_necklace_of_black_ore_i00.png] Necklace of Black Ore
[Image: accessary_earing_of_black_ore_i00.png] Earring of Black Ore
[Image: accessary_ring_of_black_ore_i00.png] Ring of Black Ore

level 61-75 A Grade
You could also choose majestic heavy armor for more P def and stun rezist, but i had them both and i can say i used more tallum, in pvp even with lower rezistance i could carry more CP where they were more important.

[Image: armor_helmet_i00_0.png] Tallum Helmet
[Image: armor_t77_ul_i00_0.png] Tallum Plate Armor
[Image: armor_t77_g_i00_0.png] Tallum Gloves Heavy Armor
[Image: armor_t77_b_i00_0.png] Tallum Boots Heavy Armor

[Image: weapon_dual_sword_i00.png] Tallum Blade*Damascus

[Image: accessary_inferno_necklace_i00.png] Majestic Necklace
[Image: accessary_inferno_earing_i00.png] Majestic Earring
[Image: accessary_inferno_ring_i00.png] Majestic Ring

level 76-79 S Grade

[Image: armor_helmet_i00_0.png] Imperial Crusader Helmet
[Image: armor_t88_u_i00_0.png] Imperial Crusader Breastplate
[Image: armor_t88_l_i00_0.png] Imperial Crusader Gaiters
[Image: armor_t88_g_i00_0.png] Imperial Crusader Gauntlets
[Image: armor_t88_b_i00_0.png] Imperial Crusader Boots

[Image: weapon_dual_sword_i00.png] Tallum Blade*Dark Legion's Edge

[Image: accessory_tateossian_necklace_i00.png] Tateossian Necklace
[Image: accessory_tateossian_earring_i00.png] Tateossian Earring
[Image: accessory_tateossian_ring_i00.png] Tateossian Ring

level 80-83 S80 Grade
if you have problems with mana, choose dynasty armor.
also moirai appeared in Freya, so you will choose dynasty till that chronicle.

[Image: armor_helmet_i00.png] Moirai Helmet
[Image: armor_t100_u_i00_0.png] Moirai Breastplate
[Image: armor_t100_l_i00_0.png] Moirai Gaiters
[Image: armor_t100_g_i00_0.png] Moirai Gauntlet
[Image: armor_t100_b_i00_0.png] Moirai Boots

[Image: weapon_dual_sword_i00.png] Icarus Dual Sword

[Image: accessary_bluelycan_necklace_i00_0.png] Moirai Necklace
[Image: accessary_bluelycan_earring_i00_0.png] Moirai Earring
[Image: accessary_bluelycan_ring_i00_0.png] Moirai Ring

level 84+ S84 Grade

[Image: armor_helmet_i00.png] Vesper Helmet
[Image: armor_t94_u_i00.png] Vesper Breastplate
[Image: armor_t94_l_i00.png] Vesper Gaiters
[Image: armor_t94_g_i00.png] Vesper Gauntlet
[Image: armor_t94_b_i00.png] Vesper Boots

[Image: weapon_dual_sword_i00.png] Eternal Core Dual Sword

[Image: vesper_necklace_i00.png] Vesper Necklace
[Image: vesper_earring_i00.png] Vesper Earring
[Image: vesper_ring_i00.png] Vesper Ring

also for all items above try to get "chaos" ones, this specific will give you more bonuses/part of set.

Epic items
if you got access to them.

[Image: armor_helmet_i00_0.png] Vorpal Helmet
[Image: armor_t94_u_i03_0.png] Vorpal Breastplate
[Image: armor_t94_l_i03_0.png] Vorpal Gaiters
[Image: armor_t94_g_i03_0.png] Vorpal Gauntlets
[Image: armor_t94_b_i03_0.png] Vorpal Boots

[Image: accessory_necklace_of_frintessa_i00_0.png] Frintezza's Necklace
[Image: accessory_earring_of_zaken_i00_0.png] Zaken's Earring


For Farm with Majestic / Imperial Crusaider
+Str -Con (4)
+Dex -Con (2)

For Farm with Tallum / Draconic Armor
+Dex - Con (2)

For PvP
+Con -Str (4)

for Hellbound+ chronicles

Weapon for farm
[Image: etc_holy_stone_i00.png]Holy

Weapon for PvP
[Image: etc_earth_stone_i00.png]Earth

Armor till Freya
[Image: etc_holy_stone_i00.png]Holy
[Image: etc_unholy_stone_i00.png]Dark
[Image: etc_water_stone_i00.png]Water
[Image: etc_wind_stone_i00.png]Wind
[Image: etc_earth_stone_i00.png]Earth

Armor after Freya
try to get as much different atributes as you can, since now you can put 3 different types on the same piece of item.

Triggers (subclass skills)

Emergent Ability skills till gracia
[Image: skill0142_0.png] Physical Defense x3

Emergent Ability skills after gracia
[Image: skill0146_0.png] Magic Defense x3

Class-Specific Ability skills
[Image: skill1086_0.png] Counter Haste - From Warrior Subclass - 3% chance to increase Atk.Spd. when attacking
[Image: skill1418_0.png] Counter Barrier - From Enchanter Subclass - 3% chance to become temporarily invincible to damage (but not debuffs) when under attack
[Image: skill0110_0.png] Counter Defense - From Tank Subclass - 3% chance to increase P.Def and M.Def when under attack

Skills Enchantment

Active Skills
[Image: skill0530.png]Dances
because you dont have any dance that should be up every time (for example vitally song, which if u let it end, and you give it again, it will increas ur max hp, but will nut heal that part).
all your enchants will go for cost, like this you will let the swm song first in pvp party (where u have to be 1near the other), plus because you will give lesser dance than him.

[Image: skill0367_0.png]Medusa
since you cant remedusa a guy that is already in medusa stance,
the enchant for this skill will go for Success Rate.

[Image: skill0765.png]Dance of Blade Storm
since this skill last only for 30 sec's,
i suggest you duration.

[Image: skill0122_0.png]Hex
this skills is kinda overpowered, i mean,
he decrease a LOT of enemy's p.def,
so i suggest you here to go for effectiveness.
also you can choose chance if you see ur land rate is low, but i doubt.

[Image: skill0115_0.png]Power Break
this skill is opposite of hex, so the enchant criteria will be the same,
but i personally dont use this skill so much, only vs archers mainly and only at oly.
so i suggest you to enchant it only if u have to much bog's or other skills enchanted already

[Image: skill0402_0.png]Arest
enchant it on chance.

[Image: skill0105_0.png]Freezing Strike
well, this skill is mainly for oly, because in open field you will not have a big chance to make ppl run from you,
so enchant it only if you go oly and on chance.
because when you need this skill YOU REALLY NEED IT, so you need its maximum chance to land.

Passive Skills
[Image: skill0191_0.png]Focus Mind
we got only 1 option, so go for it.

[Image: skill0147_0.png]Magic Resistance
we got only 1 option, so go for it.

[Image: skill0428_0.png]Inner Rhythm
we got only 1 option, so go for it.

[Image: skill0144_0.png]Dual Weapon Mastery
what it should be, atk speed or p.atk ?

well if you are a farmer, so mainly you use duals, go for atk.speed.
but if you go for oly, and make lot of pvp's, you will prefer a bow, so i suggest you p.atk.

[Image: skill0328_0.png]Wisdom
well here it depend on you.
we got 3 options, 1 for sleep resistance, 1 for hold, and 1 with both(ofc on a lower bonuses).

sleep resistance is mainly for pvp,
and hold for oly,

so you will choose the one that fit you better,
if you play oly and pvp in the same proportion, then i suggest you the middle one

*rest of the skills i didnt write here, are not that important, so you better not use ur bogs for them.

Well sad is you cant do much here, since you will be targeted.
But hope there is,

Buy a Bow first of all, you will use duals only vs some few classes.
So here you are:

Self Buffs:
[Image: skill0091_0.png] - Defense Aura (P.def)
[Image: skill0077_0.png] - Attack Aura (P.atk)
[Image: skill0112_0.png] - Deflect Arrow (Bow.P.def)

[Image: skill0275_0.png] - Dance of Fury (Atk.Speed)
[Image: skill0274_0.png] - Dance of Fire (Crit.Dmg)
[Image: skill0271_0.png] - Dance of Warrior (P.Atk)

[Image: skill0273_0.png] - Dance of Mystic (M.Atk)

Vs Malee add this one too.
[Image: skill0310_0.png] - Dance of Vampiric (Rech.HP from DMG you give to adversary.)

Vs Bow Users add this one too.
[Image: skill0765.png] - Dance of Blade Storm (Bow.P.Def)

Vs Mystic Muse (water mage) add this one too.
[Image: skill0307_0.png] - Dance of Aqua (Aqua.M.Def)

Vs Soul Taker & Eva Saint & Shillien Saint (water mage) add this one too.
[Image: skill0530.png] - Dance of Alignment (Holy & Dark / P.Def & M.Def)

In Chronicles till Hell Bound you will gate haste (atk.speed) and wind walk (speed), automatically when match start.
But above that chronicle you will have to choose 5 buffs from the npc, so you will take: Death Whisper (Crit.Dmg), Guidance (Accurancy), Wind Walk (Speed), Empower (M.Atk), Might (P.Atk) , you may ask now why you take Might since you got it as self buff, well your might is lvl 2, and this one lvl 3 ;)

Other Buffs:
Focus (Crit.Chance) - [Image: weapon_staff_of_evil_sprit_i01.png] - Staff Of Evil Spirits - Focus Special Ability.
Mental Shield (Curses Resist) - [Image: weapon_sprites_staff_i01.png] - Sprite's Staff - Magic Mental Shield Special Ability.
Bless the Body (Maximum Hp) - [Image: weapon_staff_of_evil_sprit_i01.png] - Staff Of Evil Spirits - Bless Body Special Ability.

You will have to use one of your "Good buff skill", as heal, or any other buff you got, in order to receive this buffs.
First of all equip one of your weapon, and use for example Defense Aura till you get the respective Special Ability buff, after you got that, put next weapon in hand and do the same, and so long...

Now that you are buffed with self and from npc, you will remain to dance in last 20 sec's, and ATENTION, dance of blade storm, dance only when match start and if the respective guy use a bow. when it ended dance again, same for all dances you got.

Now that you are fully buffed lets see some:

Oly PvP Tips.

A bow will be better than anything, not even VR will help you, just because if the respective class have low HP, he got big Atk, so you will die fast, if he got low Atk, he got big HP so you will die slow....
Mainly try to run, arrest your target, but first of all use your debuffs.

Power Break, to decrease his P.Atk (if he is a fighter).
And always Hex, to lower his P def.
also use Sting, its really effective in this cases.

Always try to keep your target at distance with Arrest and Frezing Strike.
And remember in Gracia+ Bow Dmg depend on your distance from your enemy, more of it = more dmg.

Real chances you will got vs Sword Muse, other Spectral Dancer, few Spoilers, Archers and thats kinda all,in lower chronicles you may win vs daggers as well.
Also keep in mind you may get that luck to Medusa the pet of a summoner and like this pown the master fast.

Use Ultimate Defense at 60% of your HP, and try to Arrest the target before, start to hit him (to be sure you are near him) an then use the Ultimate Defense (ofc use duals in this case)

All this being said, i suggest you Class Based Olympiad, because its much easyer vs a better equiped char, but with the same class as you, than random players.

End word
I hope this guide will atract more ppl to this class, i know in pvp's serv is useless, but in low rates its really funny,
and very important.

i also wanna say that if i did some mistakes, please correct me, ill edit it and also try to improve in future.

Credits, oh sheesh fully me.
ofc thanks to pmfun/stratics, ONLY for the links i posted, images, and dyes.

[Image: vo1ljs.jpg]
[Image: bgtslf.jpg]
"The best part about me is I am not you."
Why all the stuff about Gracia though? Ain't this interlude?
because that's how i did this event some years ago and ppl might want to learn more about this class and not just stop here.
[Image: vo1ljs.jpg]
[Image: bgtslf.jpg]
"The best part about me is I am not you."
Oh my gods thank you! This guide really helped me out!
Great guide !! :o
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