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Yeah ... it looks huge! Time consuming game when you go out exploring ;)
Thats that game that was crowd funded wasn't it? Kinda behind on schedule, but I can't wait to pick up that game when its released also.

Tom Clancys The Division is in open beta, anybody wanna join?
I watched many streams of Division Beta (mostyle of Summit, Exec and TimTheTatman) and this game is disappointing! Seriously. The concept is of running in packs, scouting the city and becoming a strong scavenger and that's all what you will get, though the city is mostly the streets, only the streets and maybe few instances which look simmilar one to another, the loot you will get won't have many unique abilities, unsless it'll be an extra-paid-for and will work as any other though will have that some extra damage or chance for critical or whatever (if they implemented Borderlands weapon system in here this game would be better) and with people you meet you will have to entertain one another as this game quickly becomes a grind-machine for spending your time in doing the same stuff over and over again. Just like L2, so why don't you buy it? Big Grin
OMG OMG OMG the hype is real
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[Image: 293evxe.jpg]
[Image: 23u2cn8.jpg]
Loved Dishonored!
Cod 4 remastered announced also!!!!!
Yeah, but you'll have to purchase the new cod game to get your hands on a copy..

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Meh, honestly I won't touch infinite warfare probably, but my highschool days were better Cod4 and L2 so.... Big Grin
We'll always have the piracy option for the single player though. But if we want to play multiplayer it's going to take a while for prices to drop.
True, I guess when they release Cod 2017, it will probably come with MW2 remastered to boost sales as well.

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