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[Guide] Castle Sieges in Lineage 2! (Part 2 of 2)
Conquering or Defending – Basics of an unique MMORPG event Part II

As the first
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, showed some of the basics about castle sieges and tactical as well as structural aspects of the castles of Gludio, Dion, Innadril, Giran and Oren, this post will give you a closer look on the castles of Aden, Rune, Goddard and Schuttgart, as there are several differences compared to the other types of castles.

Aden Castle

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The Town of Aden is the capital of the Elmore-Aden empire, thus taking the story on which Lineage 2 is based, Aden Castle also is the seat of the king of the empire. Knowing this, it is no surprise that Aden Castle is the biggest and most precious castle there is in the world of Lineage 2. Located just beside the Town of Aden, the castle's shadows reach over the town located directly south of the castle, and its high towers can be seen from far off.

If you leave the Town of Aden using the northern gate, ahead of you you will see the big gardens which lie beneath the castle. Once you reach the top of the small hill, you will find yourself infront of the Outer Gate of Aden castle. Other than the castles mentioned in the first article, Aden castle has 2 outer defence structures. The first one is the Outer Wall, which can only be overcome by either destroying the Outer Gate or bringing down one of the destroyable parts of the Outer Wall at each side of the castle. This is pretty similar to the structures of the castle of Gludio, yet there is one huge difference which gives defenders a big advantage. The Outer Gate can only be reached by passing a bridge leading toward the gate, and reaching up beside that ramp is a long drawn balcony, making it easy for the defending side to position alot of their forces up there to shoot the attackers at any time. Beside that there also are small balconies located directly above the gate from where the gate can be defended pretty easy, just as at the other castles mentioned in the first article.
Once you've overcome the outer structures, you will find yourself in the inner courtyard. Ahead of you is the main building, in which the Throne and the Scribe Room are located. But, other than the castles mentioned before, Aden castle has a second wall that blocks your way to the Inner Gates. Directly next to the destroyable parts of the Outer Walls are yet again gates which need to be overcome in order to proceed your siege. As for any other gate in castle sieges, they do not have alot of health and are easily taken down. Before you do so, be sure to destroy the Life Crystal in the inner courtyard. The first one is in the base level of a watch tower next to the Outer Gate, the second one is inside a staircase next to the Inner Gate and the last one on the second floor of the Scribe Room. 
After you destroyed the first Life Crystal and have taken down the gate in the inner courtyard, you will find yourself inside the main building of the castle. If you now move south, you will find the main Inner Gate after just a few meters. Yet, as Aden castle is special in its architecture, there is another way beside the main Inner Gate to reach the Throne Room. Next to the main Inner Gate are stairs reaching up to the first level. In one of these staircases is the second Life Crystal, which should be taken down immediately. Once you reach the first floor, move straight ahead and half way down the corridor you will find gates located on each side of the main building leading into the Throne Room. After destroying the first gate, there will be a small bridge and than another gate you have to overcome. Once this is done, you are ready to rush the Throne Room. 
Now that you've reached the Throne Room, you will see a marvelous hall ahead of you, with the throne elevated at the end of the room. On each side of the Throne Room there are ramps leading up to the first floor of the Throne and Scribe Room. As in the other castles, directly next to the throne there are ramps leading down into the base level of the Scribe Room where the Holy Artifact is located. But before all this, be sure to rush the last remaining Life Crystal. To reach it, move up one of the ramps that lead to the first level of the Throne Room and than, directly next to that ramp, there will be stairs leading up to the second level, where directly in front of you the last Life Crystal will be spawned. 
For the defending side there aren't any differences compared to the other castles. The main goals should be to keep your defence structures alive as long as possible by making use of the balconies next to the gates aswell as the teleport functions and defending the Life Crystals.

Rune Castle

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Rune Castle is located to the west of The Town of Rune. To reach the siegefield itself, you either have to pass a long bridge or swim to an island close to the castle, where a small path leads up to the siegefield. Rune has a really small siegezone compared to any other castle, as the main fighting spot is an enlarged part of the bridge close to the Outer Gate. Just like Aden Castle, it has unique structures. The Outer Wall can be overcome by either destroying the Outer Gate or taking down one of the destroyable parts of the Outer Wall left and right of the Outer Gate. Once you destroyed one of these, you will find yourself in the inner courtyard of the castle. On both sides, surrounded by a small trench filled with water, there are watchtowers lonely reaching up. On top of the left one is the location of the first Life Crystal, while the right watchtower houses a Flame Control Tower. 

Straight ahead is the Inner gate, which can be guarded by taking position on the balconies on top of the gate. In order to reach both the Throne and the Scribe Room, move up one of the ramps to the left and right of the Inner Gate. When you have reached the top, you will be on the Inner Walls. Keep walking upwards until you reach a huge platform. At the northern end of the platform you will find a ledge reaching out on which the second Life Crystal is located. At the western end of the platform is the Scribe Room, in which the Holy Artifact is located. You can also reach the first level of the Scribe Room by moving up the stairs on the southern end of the platform. Once up there, you will see ramps leading down to the Throne Room from where your foes will approach once they respawned inside the castle. On the western end of the first floor you will find the last remaining Life Crystal, so be sure to take it down as fast as you possibly can. Make sure that your allies are positioned at the ramps to block your enemies way up to the Scribe Room and also have several players located down near the Holy Artifact to protect your clan leader from incoming enemies who used the same way as you did to reach the Scribe Room. 

The tricky part about Rune siege is that the attacking side has huge disadvantages considering approaching the castle and finding a safe place to summon the Siege Flags, as there are only 2 narrow paths that lead to the castle gates and there isn't too much space to find a safe location for your flags. Also, Rune Castle is probably the easiest castle to defend since you only have to defend a single location to stop your enemies from entering the castle. That very spot is the enlarged part of the bridge, as every enemy has to pass it to proceed.

Goddard/Schuttgart Castle

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Seven castles done, two more to go. The only two left on the list now are the castles of Goddard and Schuttgart. They both share identical architecture, thus I will be explaining their structures together. 
Goddard castle is located south of The Town of Goddard, and Schuttgart castle in the north-west of the corresponding town. Both have a large  siegefield surrounding the castles. But while you can approach Goddard Castle from 3 different directions (east, south or west), there is only one way to reach Schuttgart Castle. In order to do so, you simply have to run west from the town and than run up the small hill north of you until you reach the castle on top of it. 
As you can see on the picture, these types of castles are quite huge, and the gates, as the destroyable walls, are close to each other, just like at Rune Castle. This makes it quite easy for the defending side to watch over both outer defences at the same time. Leading up to the gate are ramps which can be accessed either from the western or the eastern side of the castle. These ramps can be protected by the defending side from the ledges reaching out from the Outer Wall above the path toward the gate. Once you've destroyed the gate, you can go either right or left up, similar to the ramps in Rune Castle. Once on top, you will find yourself standing on the Outer Wall. At the end of the walls you will find small watchtowers in which the Life Crystals are placed. Before being able to destroy them, you will have to take down the gate that is blocking your entry into these towers. Once you have destroyed the Life Crystals, proceed your siege by taking down one of the Inner Gates located on small bridges that connect the Outer Wall with the Inner Wall. After this, you can choose to either go right or left. By moving to the edge of the castle, you will always reach the one of the two Scribe Rooms with the Holy Artifact inside. If you move toward the center of the castle, what you should always do first, you will find a ramp leading up to the Wyvern Platform, from which you can enter the Circle Way. There you will find the last Life Crystal at the other side of the path, right next to the ramps that lead down into the Throne Room that is beneath the Circle Room. If you move up the ramp behind the Life Crystal, you will reach the first floor of the Scribe Room. Other than all the castles mentioned before, Goddard and Schuttgart Castle have two Holy Artifacts. Both of them can be reached from the first level of the Scribe Room. To access them, go right or left and you will see balconies on each side above the base level of the Scribe Rooms. As mentioned before, you will find one Holy Artifact in each of the rooms. It doesn't matter on which of the two artifacts your clanleaders casts Seal of Ruler. If u manage to finish the cast on one of both the castle will be in ur possesion. To start the cast, simply follow the path on the first floor until you see a small opening where you can jump down. It will be essential for your victory to guard two positions. The first one is the ramp leading up toward the first level of the Scribe Room, since the defenders that spawned in the Throne Room will have to come up that ramp if they want to stop you from overtaking their castle. The second position you should have an eye on is the path that leads into the Scribe Room from the Inner Gate. Foes that do not spawn in the Throne Room but come to attack you from the siegefield will most likely choose that way to stop you. So be sure that on the walkways have some of your allies guarding that spot, while your focus should remain on the ramp towards the Upper Scribe Room. 
For the defending side there are some essential spots to defend. The first one is the ramp leading up to the Outer Gate. Since that is the only way to reach it, and it's quite narrow, it is easy to slow down your opponents there. The second position is the wyvern platform. If your enemies want to destroy the last Life Crystal and take over the Upper Scribe Room, this is the only way they can choose to go there. Given the fact that the ramps to the Wyvern Platform are really narrow, it will be really easy for your side to stop them before even entering the platform. If your foes are somehow still able to overcome your defences, your main goal should be to take back the position at the Upper Scribe Room, since it will be impossible for any clan to finish the cast on the Holy Artifact if you can simply shoot them from above.


Thanks for reading all the way to the end of this post! I hope you enjoyed reading it and that I did not miss any important aspect, if so please let me know & I will credit you with the fix, that's like winning a medal at Sport's Day at school, nope? 

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