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we're actually millennials kek
How is it going JB?

I think we all should meet somewhere on Sunday evening to see/discuss further plans guys. If JB is unable to set things before designed time, I will share Outlaws/Saints TS so we can meet there(we can fit only 75 players).

Hoping that everybody is up for it!

Kieyra Bowborn of the House Proland, First of Her Name, the Uncaught, Queen of the Moonlight Sentinels and the First Archers, Empress of the Disciples, Breaker of Winds, and Mother of Outlaws.
Yea will post tonight
Baby, I ain't soulless, I'm just scared.
dont forget about my kebab
[Image: hahah.jpg]

DaFuzzyy  FeelsGoodMan  
Main TS is not finished but you can hang out here:

has no psw and 500 slots. Feel free to use it as you wish.
Baby, I ain't soulless, I'm just scared.

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