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[Guide] Castle Sieges in Lineage 2! (Part 1 of 2)
Conquering or Defending – Basics of an unique MMORPG event!

This post is about the most appreciated, exciting and fun Mass-PvP event that exists in Lineage 2 – Castle Sieges! It is getting close to the time, when you will be fighting what may just seem an impossible battle, the chance to call yourself A true Lord of the Realm! Hell, you might even call yourself Master of Dawn, King of Giran! 

(This is a seriously long post, those with short attention spans, turn away, I'm posting this to assist with all players in the world of Lineage 2, new and old, when it comes to the basics of Castle Sieges, to make them more enjoyable for all in the world of L2Dawn!)

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With the introduction of Chronicle I: Harbingers of War, clans were able to participate in castle sieges, which led to a huge change in terms of political and military positioning of clans and players. For the first time, forming alliance's with other clans and actively participating in wars had a reason beyond having fun doing PvP and preserving specific farm areas for your clan. Castles brought a whole new dimension of PvP to the game, which will be described here.

Basic Information:

Before you can actually realize what this event can offer, you have to participate in the siege and witness an event like there is no other in any MMORPG. Castle sieges take place every second weekend on Saturday and Sunday. In total there are 9 siegeable castles in the world of Lineage 2, the castles of Gludio, Dion, Innadril, Giran, Oren, Aden, Goddard, Rune and Schuttgart. The castles of Gludio, Dion, Innadril, Giran and Oren have the same structures, while the castles of Aden and Rune both have unique structures. Goddard and Schuttgart castle differ from the others again, while sharing the same architectural features.

The times sieges take place are designed as following: There are a maximum of five castle sieges simultaneously on Saturday and four sieges simultaneously on Sunday. In order to participate in the siege, your clan leader has to register your clan for the event at least 24 hours before the siege starts, at a NPC located close to each castle. You can choose between signing as an attacker or defender, depending on what you are aiming to achieve. But you cannot simply register a clan for all sieges at once, but only for one siege on Saturday and one on Sunday. This means you have to choose wisely where to register and always have an eye on what your enemies are planing to do, since the main goal of your enemies will of course be to get a castle for themselves, but also to make it as hard as possible for you to obtain one. Once your clan is registered all there is left to do is prepare yourself and be ready for the probably most epic PvP event there is in MMORPG's. Once the day of the event has come make sure to gather all your allies and group up in time to be ready for two hours of relentless fighting, as castle sieges last for two hours. By the time the siege has begun, attackers and defenders will get a special sign above their head to mark them as participants of the siege. Furthermore, only clans registered to the same castle as your clan can see the sign, and vice versa.

The moment the event starts, a siege area is created within the castle and its outskirts. On this area, defenders can't attack each other, same for the attackers. Furthermore you can fight without having to press Ctrl to attack someone. In addition, you only lose a quarter of the exp upon death you would usually lose.

Now that you are prepared and ready for the fight, make haste to enter the battlefield and start fighting. An important issue to remember is that you cannot use Resurrection Scrolls on the siege field, so only resurrection skills are working. If there is none around to resurrect you there will be no other way but pressing To next village. Other than usual, you will not be teleported to the town that is closest to you, but to another town which is decided by wherever you are fighting. If you, for example, are fighting at Gludio castle, and press „To nearest Village“ while on the battlefield, you will be teleported to Gludin Village. Once you reach the gatekeeper to teleport yourself back to Gludio, you will realize that it isn't working. While a Castle is under siege, the corresponding town cannot be reached by teleports. So your only way back to the battlefield is to either run all the way until you are in the territory of the town you want to reach and than use a Scroll of Escape or get summoned by a Summoner or Doomcryer. Details about every specific castle will be noted later on in this post.

From this point on the progress will be explained from the perspective of an attacker and a defender separately.


Signed as an attacker, your goal clearly is to win this castle for your clan and henceforth rule over the corresponding territory. To successfully take the castle, your clan leader has to use the skill „Seal of Ruler“ on the Holy Artifact placed in the inner building of the castle. It is located in a room(also know as the Scribe Room or Artifact Room) right behind the main hall, also referred to as the Throne Room, as the lord's throne is located there. There are several options you can choose from to reach the scribe room, which are following now. 

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Red= Outer Gate

Orange= Outer Walls

Green= Inner Gate

Lime= Inner Buildings

Yellow= Life Crystals

Lilac= Wyvern Platform

Surrounding the inner buildings is a massive wall, which can only be overcome by either destroying the Outer Gate or one of the destroyable parts of the wall to each side of the castle.

First of all, your clan leader should summon a Siege Flag. This is a skill only available to clan leaders which allows every clan member to respawn at the flag after dying and in addition allows your clan-members to be resurrected by skills. Make sure to always have some allies near the flag to protect it or the defenders have an easy game destroying it and you will have no options to resurrect on the battlefield, which will be a huge disadvantage for your side. After this is done, you can proceed and start destroying the outer defence structures. To get the gates down, common man power will be enough, as they do not have alot of health. As for the walls, a Warsmith(one of the classes playable) will be the key to success. This class earns special skills to summon siege weapons, such as Siege Golems or the Wild Hog Cannon. With these summons in play, even the walls will drop within minutes and you can make your way to the Inner Gate. Both ways have positive and negative aspects. 

The Outer Gate has a lot less health than the walls, but defenders have alot of options to make your life hard as they can shoot you from above the gate and directly teleport into you as there is a teleport function available to the castle lords that allows them to teleport to specific areas around and inside the castle. Furthermore, once you destroyed the gate, there is only a narrow passage that leads into the inner courtyard, that can easily be protected from platforms located above this passage. 

As for the walls, they have a lot of health and it would take a long time to bring them down only by letting players hit it. So in case you prefer to enter the castle via the walls, be sure to have several Warsmiths in your ranks to summon the mentioned siege weapons and destroy the wall as fast as possible. The positive aspects about destroying the wall are that the defenders have a hard time defending it from the inside, and they also do not have a direct teleport spot next to the walls. Furthermore, once brought down, the opening where once the wall was is a lot bigger than the gate and still the defenders have only few options to defend it. 

Now that you've reached the inner court yard, your first goal should be to bring the Life Crystals down as fast as possible. There are three Life Crystals located throughout the castle. The first one is located above the Outer Gate, the second one in the back of the castle inside a small watchtower, and finally the last one is located in the Scribe Room, right above the Holy Artifact. Destroying those will be essential for your victory, as with every destroyed Life Crystal the defenders will have an increased respawn timer. If all three crystals are alife, the respawn time is 30 seconds. That timer expands with every crystal you destroy, reaching a maximum of eight minutes and a prohibition to resurrect players of the defending side with skills if all three are brought down. They do not have a lot of health, but the defending side will make sure you have it as hard as possible to reach them. 

If you destroyed the two Life Crystals in the inner courtyard, your next goal should be to bring the Inner Gate down. Just like the Outer Gate, its health is quite low and can be taken down really easy by players. But just like at the Outer Gate, the defenders have various options to stop you from destroying it. They can shoot you from balconies above the gate. Another option is a trap in front of the gate that slows every attacker moving toward the gate. This feature allows the defending side a lot of time to hit you and stop you before you even reach the gate. These traps can be disabled by destroying the Flame Control Towers in the inner courtyard, one inside each watchtower on the walls at the sides of the castle. 

Now, with the Inner Gate destroyed, you are nearly there. Ahead of you is the Throne Room, with pillars leading a way toward the throne located at the end of the room. On the sides of the Throne Room are ramps leading up to a balcony from which defenders can easily shoot you, so capturing these positions is essential for victory. From those balconies you can also reach the upper level of the Scribe Room, where the third and last Life Crystal is positioned. Head there with full force and take it down so you have the ultimate advantage over your enemy.

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Red= Throne

Yellow= Ramps towards the Holy Artifac

Green= Balconies+Upper Scriberoom

Lilac= Ramps toward balconies

Next to the throne, there are ramps on each side leading down into the base level of the Scribe Room, in which the Holy Artifact on which your clan leader needs to cast the skill Seal of Ruler is located. Send some of your allies down along with the leader to protect him, while the rest of your forces should remain in the throne room, as the defending side will respawn right in front of the throne once their respawn timer has passed. It is necessary to keep ur foes dead at every time because it takes several minutes(depending on cast speed) to cast Seal of Ruler. Being damaged too hard, getting stunned or dying will interrupt the cast and you will have to start all over again. If your clan leader succeeds in casting Seal of Ruler onto the Holy Artifact, your clan will from now on be in possession of the castle. 

BUT...the siege is not over yet if a clan succeeds in capturing it. All defenders and other players but your own clan members will be teleported to the next town(g.e. Gludin if you are fighting at Gludio castle). From now on you will have to defend the castle against the former defenders until the siege time ends. How to defend the castle you have just captured will be explained now.


As defenders, you have to differ between two mechanics. If your clan is the one holding the castle, you will be able to use all its functions available. If you signed as defender but the castle does not belong to your clan, you will only be able to resurrect inside the throne room, but you will not be able to use other functions such as the teleports. Also you have to have an eye on the registration NPC, as the castle lord has to approve you as a defender. If he fails to do so, you will not be able to take part in the siege. 
As lord of the castle, you have to prepare some things before the siege starts. For that you have various options at the Chamberlain NPC located in the Throne Room. At this NPC you can upgrade the doors and walls, granting them bonus health and activate the slow traps which are located infront of the gates and on tactical locations throughout the inner courtyard. Each enhancement will cost you a little bit of adena, but each of them usually is worth the spent amount. Furthermore you can buy tickets which will summon NPC guards to help you throughout the battle. Once you have purchased the tickets, drop them at the locations you want the guards to spawn and the minute the siege starts the tickets will disappear and the guards will be spawned. Earlier in the game, these guards were really powerful, yet they lost their value because the players equipment got better and better while the guards were not enhanced. So summoning those guards is a decision you have to take whether you think they are worth it or not. Most important is that you remember to approve other clans that have signed on the defending side, or they will not be able to help you. This feature prevents clans from signing on your side even though you do not want them on your side in the battle. The goal as a defender is to stop any enemies' clanleader to successfully cast Seal of Ruler onto the Holy Artifact. 
Now that the siege has begun, the attackers are probably already rushing toward the battle area. Make sure to meet them as far away from your gates and walls as possible to slow them down. Also, make sure to have several allies spying for the attacker's Siege Flags. Once you spotted them, rush toward them and try to focus them down as fast as you can in order to gain a huge advantage over your foes. Since they won't be able to resurrect anymore.
If, however, the attackers manage to kill your forces and proceed to the Outer Gate, all ranged classes such as nukers and archers should move up on the platforms above the Outer Gate to damage the attackers aiming for the gate. These platforms can be reached by running up the ramp in the central inner courtyard. Melee's however should either wait in the inner courtyard for the enemies, or if you don't want the gate to drop, teleport out to fight the enemy face to face. There are 2 ways to get outside the castle: first one is to use the teleport function, but this only applies to the castle holders. Other defenders have to run to the backside of the castle, where a little opening allows you to jump out. 
The attackers can also try to break the Outer Walls, which are way harder to defend than the Outer Gate. You do not have any teleport options close to the walls and the only way to attack the enemies is by shooting them from the walls. 
If your foes manage to take down either the gate or the walls, get ready to defend the Life Crystals in the back of the castle and above the Outer Gate. Keeping those alive will make it, on even terms, nearly impossible for the attackers to capture your castle. 
The last defence line you can build will be inside the Throne Room, in case the enemies overran the inner courtyard and are about to break the Inner Gate. In this case ranged damage dealers should position themselfs on the balconies above the throne and melee fighters next to the throne to keep the enemies from destroying your last Life Crystal and from reaching the Holy Artifact. 
If the enemy clan leader starts to cast the skill on the artifact, a system message will appear that tells you which clan has started the cast. From this moment on you will only have 2-4 minutes(depending on the enemies' clan leader's class) to stop him. You can do so by either killing him, but common croud controls like stuns, fears etc. will do the job aswell. If the siege ends after 2 hours and noone managed to finish the cast on the Holy Artifact you successfully defended your castle and every player that is not in your clan will be teleported to the nearest village. Casts that are still in progress when the siege finishes will be canceled as the caster will be teleported away.


Please note that this guide mostly refers to the castles of Gludio, Dion, Innadril, Giran and Oren, as the other castles have different structures and might differ from the explanations above. There will follow a seperate entry about the other castles soon. 
I hope that you enjoyed reading this and it helped some of the new players to get an idea of castle sieges in Lineage 2. Maybe it even reminded some of the L2 veterans of some special sieges they had in the past.
so nice articles !

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