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Xdat Editor
After the latest update my interface was replaced, so I have to redo all my key bindings with xdat.

But I guess I have updated Java in the meantime as well cause I cant get xdat to start.

What version of java do I need to get xdat editor to work?? I have tried 8u112; 111; 60; 51; 40; 20 etc.

All same error: IOException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: ClassLoaderCallable

Pleeeease help! I cant play with F keys or clicking like at all lol.
I fixed it by uninstalling all java, and xdat. reinstalling 8u51, then installing xdat (still not work) then downloading
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and moving to xdat folder and running editor.jar file inside libs folder. *shrug*
Maybe someone managed to replace the function of the shift key with the tab?

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