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TH: History
TH named History keep running for TTS Recs everyday 24/7. I bet it is a bot.
Or someone in Asia with ironwill and determination wanna get a necklace recipe. :)
Awesome proofs again, i saw someone running, not responding to pm, must be a bot.
This is not the case @taribo. That guy is running for days there. I don't think a human being can do that for so long with no boredom. If it's not bot, all my respects to the guy!
Plus, treat this thread as just a request to GM to look into it
I bet he is romanian. Romanians have good iron will mostly these dark days.
Dedication guys. That's the only way for a TH to make good money for gears... And I'm not doing that 24/7, only during evenings and afternoon sometimes. :)
[Image: 14mup3d.png]

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