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Lance 100%
looking for crafter with Lance rec 100%,not 60%.
(01-31-2017, 04:55 PM)VinterVargr Wrote:
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looking for crafter with Lance rec 100%,not 60%.

Sell the mats and go for 61lvl with shadow b grade. For the money from mats buy A grade pole. Making Lance is not worth wasting time for progress if it stop you.
I was farming the BW gloves rec but the gods blessed me instead with lance 100% rec (1/24k rate drop).If they want me to craft this item I shall obey to their command.
Crafter "TBapec (Giran, taurin)
Ahahah vinter :))
MptekiaGemista Wrote: There will be no more videos from now on. Nothing.

As from now, we stopped all of our in-game wars, because wars have no place in a such friendly community.

Thanks for understanding

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