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DO something NEW or everything will probably DIE!
There are no handouts! You've got to earn your epics by being active and showing up for sieges and bosses etc.
Quote:Problem is that players that play here for a long time took all the S grade of those leaving and turned it into even greater advantage over new players (over-enchant, epics).
Only a few people got stuff handed to them. The rest had to farm non stop to get their oe gear.
Quote: There is no inheritance tax, nobody is giving out gear on talking island. There is no solution. New chronicle is like a targeted hyperinflation. Basically it turns most of your gear into garbage.
You talk as if every single player on this server got free shit from people leaving. That's far from the truth. I already told you that I play here from the beginning (almost) and I don't even have a +6 A set yet, let alone epics. Plus I had to level all my buffers alone. Nobody gave me his level 78 support account and I don't trust anyone with mine.
Yeah it will also turn this game into shit. We're here because this is an Interlude server and not some Kamalel+ crap. It's the last great chronicle and many people will quit if china were to update it to a HB (good luck finding decent files) or GF for example.
Quote:My argument about wipe was from players perspective, not server owners.
And as a player I have a completely different opinion. You can sit here and argue about how it's impossible for newcomers to compete with old players all you want. In the meantime there are some people who joined recently doing their noblesse quest and farming their first S recs. They don't sit on forum complaining how unfair it is for them because they joined late. I'm sure you'll have no problem finding a server that wipes/updates every couple of months if that's what you want.

PS It's because S gear is so easy to farm people can afford to go crazy and blow their draco in an attempt to make it +6 or higher. There wouldn't be so many ++ DBs today if all end game quests were retail like both by chance and drop amount. I could go on about seal stones, npc fees (all x1 when adena drop is x5), manor and EWS but you probably wouldn't like the idea of having to farm more for your items. Even though it makes sense since there won't be a wipe/update ever.
Can someone tell me who was tprm all this time on dawn? I am going crazy. I do know a little dorfy with 1-2 buffers that soloes all the time but haven't confirmed it. No tprm I am not talking to you. I am talking to myself.

Back on topic. Retail never had to wipe and if you weren't active for 1 year, you would go at least 1 game expansion behind in content. They merged servers because of the decreasing population. Dawn here has been on the same chronicle for 20 months. No new content! Now there is official talk to boost the newbie support. You could be competing for epics in S gear in 2 months. Someone recently talked about "rush servers". And that's a wrong term. A player's competitive rage has resulted in failed servers. There are servers that open merely to make a buck and close in 2-3 months, I won't argue there. But there are also the servers that died because of the "rush players". Settle down and enjoy the game in a stable environment. There are very few servers that offer this and if you give them a try you ll appreciate them.
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The server needs a little more vote/advertisement and will be flooded with new people.

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