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Issue with Pagans & LOA quests
There's an issue with Whispers of Dreams part 2 and Seekers of the Holy Grail quests. Every single member in the party gets the quest item when a mob dies.  Doesn't matter if it's 2 people or 9, the amount of mobs you have to kill remains the same (1 mob = 9 quest items).
So, it should be only 1 in party who gets quest item?
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It should be 1 quest item for every mob you kill. When 2 or more people in the pt have the quest the drop becomes random.
This is not a general rule for quests. Some quests have shared drop. I don't know for sure about these particular 2 quests, but did you make sure it's not one of those? I mean dayum.. that loa Q that can be done only in 2-3+ ppl would be way too long considering the reward.
No important quest in Interlude works like that. Most quests are either random reward (when 2 or more people in the pt have the Q) or last hit. Funny thing is that both these quest used to work like that a year ago.
Not sure how it should work or worked on official servers, but based on my personal expirience from other servers that the Pagan Q working like this (total number of items got by party MORE then total number of monsters being killed).
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It used to be party Q. That is why the Q item drop in everyone. I know that 'bout WOD pt.2.
It's 1 mark per mob. It was working like that here too until it got changed.

Both are party quests btw. And just like every other Q the items drop at random between pt members..
Bump. Take a look at this when you have the time guys. It shouldn't be too hard to fix this

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