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Friend's account hacked
A friend messaged me on skype and told me that his character was hacked and found him stripped, he suspects it happened during the following days

8-1/2017 to 9-1/2017
acc name: dwarfpower1
char name: dwarfpower1

last time he logged and everything was ok was on the 8th during the night (timezone gmt+2), then on the 9th at noon he found it stripped.

He says he never shared account with anyone.

ps: (I am posting for him since he doesn't know good english)
Reasons why this happened:

1) Using the same password as on previous servers and their playerbase was leaked.
2) Following the adena sellers' links.

Tell your friend to change his password and PM GM PINNG including his items lost.
[Image: useless-box-o.gif]
thank you issue is resolved

I hope u'll ban that person who did this, and all his associated accounts.

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