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'Usage term expired'
I tried to log in to the game this morning and it doesn;t let me. Instead it says that 'Your usage term has expired. PlayNC website (
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) to reactivate your account'. What is going on?
I think you are banned.
But i did nothing wrong. WTF?

Ok if it;s for the 1 box buffer that's unfair.When i created my char to this day i haven't seen at least 1 playing without a box buffer,i asked like 20 ppl and everyone told me that 2nd box is allowed. Another great server thanks alot i wasted so many hours farming and lvling up to end up banned for no reason.
It was just a supposition, better contact Pinng. I hope 2nd box u understand it means 1 main + 1 box, not 1 main + 2 boxes.
All i did since i started the server is to use max 2 accounts online 1 main and 1 box buffer. Now if they count my 2 dwarves that i lvled them till 40 and 56 so i won;t need to spend adena on crafts or mats since i am playing a solo class.idk what to say..... But even those 2 i was lvling them with the box buffer just to buff them and just 1 at a time.
Hello, please pm me your account names that are in trouble.
[Image: useless-box-o.gif]
Issue solved.
[Image: useless-box-o.gif]

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