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TM's tactic.
Its just sad.
Cool story.
cry babies :)
Zerg... But flame section is gone someone should lock this post.
What about your zerg when we were max 40 ppl and you were 60+? Did we act like you? Nope. We had some honour and we were fighting with all what we could bring. Get some respect to other players and play normally, with honour and ballz.
I'd rather not waste my time fight a mass of a million people. I am not here to benefit your ego of rolling us in a fight cause you have a zerg army. It's not my, or our job to entertain you.
Hahah as I can see you are crybaby that wants every epic for free. Didnt you miss understand l2? Its all about pvp, fights for epics. All you want to do is farm epic without fighting? Because you cant deal with epic lost? QQ no respect for you.
Yes fights for epics not running into a massive outnumbered fight to die for no reason
If you cant play l2 you can just run "into massive outnumbered (even we were even on antharas) fights" and just die. Learn a bit more about l2 by pvping and you got a chance to win even epic fight
There is nothing to L2 pvping stop lying to yourself. It's 90 percent numbers and gear. Always has been always will be.

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