Poll: Extra benefits to the newbies?
Yes, let's make it more friendly for them.
No, let them feel the Korean rice fields.
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Do new players need any other extra benefits?
Sorry for the bad english xD

I Start here on 1 Dec 2016, I have now, Majestic Set, Nm Set, Dark Legions, Tallum Glaive. WC lv 70 and a Glad lv 52, Dwarfs and all that suport stuff needed in one low rate server.
Some friends Come After me and all of them have Full A Stuff, Less than a month, and without clan, only academy help.
We Study, We Work, We have GF or Wifes, Play and make thinks happen. i dont think the server need more stuff to help newcomers.
I Start here because of time online, Interlude For Ever, No Wipe. I Can play here the best cronicles for ever, like a hobby, craft stuff, feel the pleasure of a new equip, become stronger and with time, take some castles xD.

See Ya

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