Poll: Extra benefits to the newbies?
Yes, let's make it more friendly for them.
No, let them feel the Korean rice fields.
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Do new players need any other extra benefits?
Hello there, 

As you might know Interlude is pretty generous to new players right out the bat (teleport tickets, weapon tokens, newbie weapons, shots). 

However, seeing a lot of new players joining we would like to hear from you, as well as the old-timers - should there be any other benefits given to the new players, and if so feel free to suggest them below. 

Thank you!
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Dont see why.. if they are active, they will find academy > get invited to clan and they can work themselves from there with help from clannies.. Thats how most of the "old timers" got to the point they are now.

Same start for everybody
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As a person who started playing here 3 days ago, here's my two cents on this:

A starter pack that includes top No gr gear (either fighter or mage) and some untradeable buff scrolls upon first class change would be nice and I don't see how it would hurt older players.

The first 40 lvls are extremely boring and slow, especially in a server like L2Dawn, which has been online for so long and most people are high lvls already. Something must be done to alleviate the newbies' suffering.
Would be nice newbie guide NPC to give 1h buffs for up to lvl 40 chars.
If you think it'll help to increase population then ok I guess, although if someone starts to play here on a low rate x4 C6, he should know what to expect. As for the possible items that supposedly help the early grind, they won't matter.
BUFF SCROLLS: they'll roll a box, everybody does that, we discussed it in another topic. And after the 20 piece of 1hr full buff scrolls, they end up being level 40 without box and that's when the ricefields will start to kick in. Of course let's be real, nobody will use them, they will save them for Ketra grind or sell them for money.
LOW GRADE EQUIPMENT: Again, no need. One can reach level 20 in their initial Squire's armor they borned in and again level 40 in a wooden set as a fighter without a problem, especially with a box, while mages don't even need armor to get to 40. Here, there's need to buy D-grade at all. After they hit C-grade, THAT'S when they start to feel the familiar gentle scent of rice as they breezed through everything so far, but now they gonna need Karmian or PL or Composite. With that 4kk they farmed out as drops so far.

But that's Interlude for you, if we give C-grade starter packs, the essence of the game will be lost. It will hurt the authenticness of the server (although I would dearly appreciate a "/no exp" command). What we can do to be more inviting to newcomers is to be as friendly with them as possible. Inviting them to academies, and do low level raids, while the GM's can do some newbie events too (Pinng has some experience in that field).
They have newbie buffs up to level 25, quests for newbie shots, No and D grade cat weapon, shadow coupons and also an armor upgrade option. If they still didn't manage to make enough for their class marks they can join some academy or buy some low level seeds and sell the mats. Interlude is not that harsh compared to older chronicles. If people can't even handle farming with no help from 1 to 40 then they are on the wrong server imo
Yes, make it easier for newbies! Grinding to 40 is extremely booring :)
(12-12-2016, 07:11 PM)zdravkolineage Wrote:
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 I just joined Tm with one purpose. To get epics, and leave tm  then. 
buffs to 40lvl/ buff srolls available to 40 lvl sounds good for newbies. They dont need weapons since there are shadows.
My suggestion: display somewhere time of death for subclass raids so that if we take a day off to have a chance to catch em.
I was thinking what did I miss when I started. You see.. IL is very friendly with the newbie. You get free weapons (shadow) until A grade, armors are cheap, buffs in CH/newbie helper and u get enough adena for shots and other consumables.
The only thing that I really missed was adena for my first tp to Giran to check the server so I know if I wanted to play here or not, but some player gave me like 50k so not even this would be such a problem.
But I would've rly appreciated 1 normal SOE and 1 Giran SOE(mb untradeable so no1 abuses this lel). The ss are a nice touch btw :)

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