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I am back!
Hello there,

I gladly inform you that finally I am coming back to L2Dawn as a full term GM after being absent due to my real life situation, and as such I would like to inform you of the upcoming changes of the life flow on L2Dawn:

  1. ChinaTown is currently busy working on the new, huge client patch as well the account panel so please send your forum pms, concerns, reports, suggestions to me instead of him.
  2. From now on I will be frequently online in-game so if needed, try to contact me instead of ChinaTown in-game.
  3. Weekly events (such as quizzes, pvp events etc.) are now coming back to L2Dawn and will be taken care of by me.
Hip hip hurray!!
Omg such great news! Welcome back, GM Pinng!
(12-12-2016, 07:11 PM)zdravkolineage Wrote:
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 I just joined Tm with one purpose. To get epics, and leave tm  then. 
Welcome back! :)
[Image: 5zpiyr.png]
welcome back :)
Welcome Back ;>

Happy New Year
Welcome back! :)
[Image: q58NDPh.png]

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