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New Player Questions
Hey guys. Just started last night on this server and it seems awesome but I have a few questions. I haven't played L2 since about 10 years ago and I wasn't that experienced back then either because I wasn't able to play too long.

1. How do the item coupon things work? Do I get to use them as long as I want and then I have to return them? What happens if I do not return it?

2. What is the maximum level for this chronicle?

3. How many class transfers for this chronicle?

1. You can't sell the newbie gear you start with
2. You don't have to return your newbie weapon. If you do the cat will give you back your coupon
3. Max level is 80
4. There are 3 class quests at 20, 40 and 76 (and you can add max 3 subs)
Thank you. This was helpful.

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