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[Community Event] Xmas Event
Dear Dawn players,

as per usual, we have a community event running during the period of Xmas - New Year alongside the retail event. Following the tradition, L2Dawn is happy to celebrate the second period of Xmas and the New Year and to mark this great milestone we begin the Community Event which will run starting from today (12/19/2016) up until the 10th of January 2017. 

To participate:

  1. Submit a picture of your real Xmas tree in your post. Being known as a kind community, we would like to kindly ask you not to cheat by using the Google image search and not to fake it. It is all about the interest to see the Xmas trees of your fellow players from all around the world. 
  2. Include an Xmas greeting for the whole community. 

Again, traditionally, every participant will be rewarded. 3 most original posters will receive extra rewards. 

We have been working hard on the  new account panel as well as donations and also remastering all the hats from the later chronicles to work on Interlude. And as such, Xmas Community Event participants will be the first ones to try out the new additions, hint:

[Image: shotone.png]

[Image: shoottwo.png]

[Image: shootthree.png]

[Image: shootfour.png]

[Image: shootfive.png]

[Image: shootsix.png]

* prizes may vary. Each participant is eligible to 1 hat which might be picked randomly. All hats are all-race compatible and unisex. 

Stay frosty,
[Image: useless-box-o.gif]
Merry Xmas to all from São Paulo - Brasil


[Image: arvore.png]
[Image: lineage_2_sig___male_darkelf_by_lylesberg.jpg]

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Beer Failfish
Merry Christmas, folks!
(The tree is done by wifey, and yes, that's a kitty angel - we like cats Big Grin )

"Force without knowledge falls by its own weight"
I wish you good exp, full of drops, hero status and no ban in the new year Big Grin

Also i wish you Xmas with familly or friends, a lot of foods and gifts.

Zmorek :)

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I am Alex from Romania (Iasi). I added some small effects to the picture, I hope that will not raise any concerns about the genuinity of the photo. The first image is the tree and the second is a Christmas card for our beloved community.


CharName: YourNightmare
From Santa Catarina - Brazil
We Salut all members of the staff and all the players from the server

Merry Xmas - Feliz Natal!!

From: Asfha

Ps. Its a Very Simple tree ^^

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[Image: IMG_20161220_234658.jpg]

My Christmas tree. Merry Christmas and happy New Year for everybody. :) More lucky crafts and drops. :)

Amareta. Lithuania.

P.S. I hope hats are tradable cause if I get random I want to trade it to the bow one. Really cute. :)

If you never fall, it means that you never fight. 
Amareta -  crazy swm with sharp fists :)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from France to all people around the world.

[Image: 391231Sapinfonce.jpg]

I also want to thank the staff for this nice server ;)

(Char name : Terebenthine)
Merry Christmas l2dawn boys and girls! cheers and bottoms Beer up with egg nog elegiggle

[Image: mYn6orR.png]

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