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new player....
Hi, im playing l2 for long time so i gain bulk of experience... playing 8-12h per day prefer ts3. So i will be starting playing here and server is not new so im looking for clan/cp. Maybe some cp is 8/9 so i could fill or smth.... I can play every char but i prefer any tipe of fighter, or the best would be archer/melee dd. Hope someone is interested, plz reply/pm asap...
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[Image: IrduvXW.png]
Still looking for clan/cp..your link didnt answer this post
hi, the person above posted a link to a clan recruitment thread, it should have helped u check them out, weird...

also, u said yourself that the server is not new and since u play l2 many years you should realize that it's very unlikely you will find a CP starting from no-grade at this time.

better join a clan with CH buffs available and get to C-grade as fast as possible so u might party with subclassed ppl

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