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So I have brother,who plays L2 just like me,but on a diffrent server.He is 13 years old.I had my dwarf artisan left on selling BSSD,and I had my main spellsinger left on and gave him to play.He went to the diffrent server and tried to download l2 tower and try botting with it.I got banned because of it.First of all I would never try botting here.
Reasons -
1.I am trying to learn the game,I bet my clan and people who knew me could aprove that,because I am annoying ass newbie who is asking questions every 2 seconds and botting is not the right way to learn the game,right?
2. So why would I even try?
3.i am having a hard time leveling up by playing solo,first time at 5x rates.I never even though about botting.

My english is bad so sorry for any grammar mistakes or lack of words but I'm really sad I cant play this server again,becaus ethe community is awesome,people are helping me a lot in-game,i am doing my best to level up and become something here.Waking up,buying materials for my artisan before I go to work,get back,level up try to understand the game.My brother really fucked me up,onother proff that I could send you is the download date of l2 tower,but I don't knwo if that would make any diffrence. thats the day I got banned.I'm begging staff to unban me,so I could play,I promise that wont happen again... Sad

Characters - Markeloff/Spellsinger lv 40 ; CondomsTester/Artisan lv 20.Hope thats enough information.If not I'll be glad to supply any info I can
Damn those cheeky brothers!
Baby, I ain't soulless, I'm just scared.
(12-15-2016, 03:06 AM)PhilBrooks Wrote:
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Damn those cheeky brothers!

Hey Its Me Ur Brother
Should I like edit to a sister or smth?not funny huys its true story.. :|
It's funny because it's a lie and it's obvious. You cheated on purpose, you got caught and here you are crying.
How is it a lie.I added photos that even l2 tower shows its not working on l2dawn so why would I be so stupid and try that shit after I put some work in my accounts.Use some logic mate.Not sure if logs show what I was doing,but I was sure afk few hours before I got banned.Fuck it atleast let me play with new account and i'll be happy with that.

"If you end up here, be honest or don't waste your time."
Guess Im just wasting time by being honest.
I believe the guy, give him a second chance and unban his accounts.
(12-17-2016, 05:06 PM)sepultribe Wrote:
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I believe the guy, give him a second chance and unban his accounts.
Thanks!How long will it take to get response from administration by the way?Its been 3 days now I think

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