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Unban Rquest
Big Grin 
When i try to log in, a window with this apear: Youre not allowed to play in this server...
I trying to log in with an illegal thing and i learn the lesson, get caught in my first T_T.
Me and my friends started to play just a while ago and cuz my noob action i cant play...
I feel so srry and i really wanna play this PERFECT server what u made... Cheers, Cheers, Cheers, best server ever!!!!
Unban my ip if u are a Pious person.

Srry for my bad english.

Thanks in advance Big Grin.
So if you know that this server is perfect, that means that you already played here before, meaning, that you knew what was waiting for you.
I think some grilling is in order >:]
I hope China waits a month before he does anything Big Grin
I play at a friend's house so I know the server is very good

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