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Recovered: Spoiling_Guide_[2016-OCTOBER]
Hash: ################
Author: mrBobe
Cached_Data: October_4

Bounty hunters are important for the server economy. No matter the drops and the manor system, if you don't have a spoiler you rely heavily on others to get armor/weapons, so many players have one beside their main character. I believe many find spoilers a boring class due to its limited importance in pvp/sieges, unless they make subclass. Still, I enjoy playing as a dwarf spoiler and in every low rate server I follow a spoil scheme according to what is best spoiled at every level range. Note that this scheme suits me but may not suit you. Additionally, the following scheme includes mainly open battlegrounds where solo/duo experience party is easy. Catacombs/Necropolis/Caves are, of course, better for spoil chance and amount but require a bigger party for more damage per second due to x2-3-4 HP mobs.

lvl 1-20
: Since you get spoil and sweeper at lvl 10 and most low rate servers these days are x5+ , these levels are not important because you earn xp quite fast, hence no point talking about spoiling.

lvl 20-40
: Now starts the fun! If you get an incomplete brigandine set and a shadow d weapon you rule the mobs! 
=>lvl 20-26 I spoil animal bones outside of Dion at

, these mobs also drop/spoil some weapon blades which you can sell for some money
=>lvl 26-32 I spoil coal and cokes at Cruma Marshlands (



). For every cokes you need 3 coal and 3 charcoal. Also keep in mind that cokes can be spoiled up to lvl 45, so make sure you get a lot of these, or plenty coal/charcoal to craft them later at your convenience.

*Many players have pointed out, below in this thread, Crypts of Disgrace for better spoil options. There are three mobs in that place 27-30 lvl and they give : Oriharykon Ore/Braided Hemp (

), mithril ore/steel ( 

 ), adamantite nugget/cbp ( 

 ). While these materials are important, I don't agree on spoiling them at these levels, except for steel, because at later levels you can get them at better chance/amount from mobs. In addition, coal, charcoal, cokes, steel, cbp, varnish can be spoiled up to levels 40-60. So, in my opinion a spoiler should concentrate on these materials on the early levels and get as many as he/she can.

=>lvl 32-36 I spoil varnish at the east side of Breka, outside the Giran castle (


 ). Both give varnish but warriors have x2 life so they give something extra. Plus Turak Bugbears can be spoiled for EWD.
=>lvl 36-40 I spoil coarse bone powder and thread at plains of lizardmen (

). Mobs have a big life bar but they are worth it. If the server has a balanced spoiling system you can get 1-2 cbp from every mob. 

lvl 40-49: Things start to get a bit serious mostly because D armor gradually becomes obsolete and C armor is either too expensive (full plate) or useless (composite). Still if you have a good buffer and some healing potions you will survive, cause it's time to make some MONEY! (yeahhh...not really)
=>lvl 40-44 You can spoil a lot of materials, even stick to plains of lizardmen for more cbp, go cruma tower for crafted leather/cord at (

) or for some karmian glove fabrics which will definitely earn you some good adena. I think most people stick with portas, but since the ONE room is almost always reserved, make your decisions. I am not anxious to get crafted leather at this point anyway.
=>lvl 44-49 I spoil mithril ore/mold glue/EWC (!!!) farming only a specific mob (

). Mithril ore and M.glue are really important so get as many as possible! Of course EWC are THE sweet treats. 

lvl 50+ : well you better have some good armor and weapon, or some good company cause you will be spoiling some of the most important materials for crafting
=>50~55 Enchanted Valley: I spoil stone of purity from 

crafted leather from 

charcoal and metallic fiber from 

                 Pavel Ruins/ Archaic Laboratory/ Outlaw Forest : I spoil coal from 


                Frozen Labyrinth: I spoil asofe/oriharukon ore from 

 (use sleep for mass spoil ;) ), animal bone and mold hardener ( the chance is not good though) from 

               Fields of Massacre: I spoil oriharukon ore from 

 and Enria from 

 (this will take time due to low chance), steel/EWB from 

               Forsaken Plains: I spoil steel from 

 and some mithril ore/silver nugget from 

60+: Most important materials, A grade armor parts with good spoiling chance and amount.
In my opinion, levels 60-69 should be gained mostly in catacombs and beast farm, which means solo/duo spoil is not an option anymore. Paying a visit to VoS and FotD should be taken into consideration too.

Valley of Saints mobs have some good spoil ( 


 ) but due to the huge distance and the usual random spawn, it is unworthy of your time and effort to gather a good amount of mats, even if you combine it with the materials quest from the necromancer. I would go there only if I needed some recipes or materials for B grade armor and weapons. Of course mobs drop there Dark Crystal and Tallum gloves recipes but our topic here is spoil 

Forest of the Dead gives a great opportunity to spoil low-high A grade armor/jewels and weapon recipes and parts. Mobs are relatively close to one another and they drop herbs which makes it easier to solo/duo. Just to let you know, 

 doesn't give majestic robe recipe on interlude. The only way to acquire this recipe is by doing the Lair of Antharas quests.

Catacombs: There is one monster called 

, which we should all worship. Why? Because it gives bloody animal bones and a LOT of them ( and EWB for some adena ). If you ask me, I would spend levels 60-65 exclusively hunting Lilim Priest in order to gather 20k+ animal bones. After lvl 65 mob gets a light blue name and lvl penalty decreases the spoil amount/chance.
Also, there is 

 which gives oriharukon ore and asofe.

 gives enria and mithril ore

 gives crafted leather and mold glue.

Wild Beast Pastures or commonly named Beast Farm is the heaven of spoiling and one of the best places in L2 to get crazy and smash your keyboard or suffer from a maddening headache. Unfortunately, you cannot bypass it as it gives important armor and weapon A recipes and parts ( and top B ones too ). The moment you land there you need to pay a visit to one of the local sellers and buy food. No, not for you but the bloody monsters. Do you see them? They are small and need to grow up in order to give you goods  . In case you try to eat the spices yourself, don't bother, I tried it and I am still short   .
To best navigate on these grounds you need a guide and the best one lies 

. Use the tabs, check what you want to spoil, then the appropriate food type and throw yourself at these mobs. A piece of advise: this place requires a lot of patience. You might get lucky in the first 20 minutes or spend 6 hours and get nothing. Don't assume in the first few minutes that mobs are bugged. Indicatively, you can spoil there tallum/dark crystal/nightmare/majestic helmet recipes and tallum/dark crystal boots recipes.

70+ : Well you have come this far, congratulations! You might be fed up playing a spoiler and can't wait to finish the 3rd class Quest and start leveling a subclass. I always thought that spoilers have been deprived of the privilege to fully monitor the S grade gear market because of the quests that anyone can complete in order to earn weapon/armor/jewel recipes S grade. Fortunately, spoilers still play a pivotal role in crafting these items by spoiling all the important key parts for each one of the recipes.

Necropoleis/Catacombs: Before I go in detail to each one of the potential spoiling ground for these levels, I ll take a moment to talk about the necropoleis and catacombs with the highest level mobs in the game. In my opinion the only important thing to spoil there is EWA and EAA. Many mobs also give Stone of Purity and Mold Hardener but I usually spoil these materials on other locations.







Wall of Argos: On the southern part I spoil stone of purity and mold hardener (+EWA) from 

                                                                  adamantite nugget and mold lubricant (+EAA) from 

                                                           and stone of purity from 

 ( require plenty of DPS, HP x5)

Hot springs: One of my favourite battlegrounds on l2  . Although mobs have double HP, it's fairly easy to solo there if you carry a blunt with focus SA, wear majestic plate armor to avoid some of the countless stuns that all mobs in the region deliver, and toggle on War Frenzy skill ( mana herbs drop frequently, so don't worry about your mp ).
I spoil there metallic thread from 


                   crafted leather and enria from 

                   mithril ore from 

 (not to be confused with Atroxspawn, which is a different mob with different spoils)
                   asofe and durable metal plate from 

Varka Silenos Outpost: I usually choose the alliance with Ketra questline, thus I can only include the Varka region in my guide. Mobs here give top A armor parts (majestic and nightmare sets) along with some S grade armor and weapon parts, like major arcana, draconic armor and bow shafts etc. If you decide to level the alliance up to lvl5 in order to gather varka manes and trade them for boxes that give S grade armor recipes, you ll probably spend whole days farming on these grounds and "meet" all kinds of Varka Silenos . It's no place for a spoiler to hunt casually here. Mobs are all aggressive and spawn close to one another.
mold lubricant from 

stone of purity from 

asofe and durable metal plate from 

mithril ore and EAS from 

Imperial Tomb: deep down in imperial tomb, right before the four sepulchers you ll find 

 which gives all tateossian jewel parts and with a very good chance and amount. (noble teleport required)

Monastery of Silence: Near both entrances you can spoil mold lubricant and mithril ore (bad chance) from 

 asofe, durable metal plate and thons from 

 and mold lubricant from 

On the upper level you ll find 

 crafted leather, mold glue ). MoS has many mobs that give S armor/jewel and some weapon S parts. This is pretty much the only reason a spoiler would visit this place and not the few materials mentioned above. A party with a healer and much DPS is required.

Forge of Gods:     Ah it's too hot down there! The mobs near the entrance are not worth your while but the ones at the lower level are extra huge spoil bags.
I spoil crafted leathermold glue and EAS from 

          metallic threadthons and EWS from 

          adamantite nuggetmold hardener and EWS from 

Skills: Naturally spoilers are not meant for pvp or raiding. Their class is bestowed with a treasure hunter's skill - fake death - ,which comes in handy when you ll try to reach some mobs in areas where plenty of aggressive mobs spawn or when you ll need to flee from a pretty nasty situation. In addition they share some pole skills from destroyers and warlords, which can theoretically be used along with spoil festival but due to the lack of sweeper festival on interlude, casual farming with these skills is practically impossible.

Spoil is the main and most important skill of this class. You can use it on every mob but some penalties apply. It can be used successfully on mobs that are maximum 5 levels lower from the spoiler. This means that a 70lvl spoiler can spoil successfully mobs in range of levels 65-70. The more you level up the less successful will be spoil on low level mobs. If a player has 8-9lvls difference from the mob (eg mob lvl60 and player lvl 70), mob will not give anything available to be sweeped from its corpse. Note that this penalty applies only for mobs that are only lower from the player. Spoiling mobs 6lvls or higher than the player (red colour name mobs)  is possible but usually the spoil skill fails to land, thus making farming hard and not 100% profitable. It's better to stick to the mobs in your level range and make the best out of it.
The difference between spoil failure and spoil chance failure: When you spoil a mob successfully, the moment it dies, its corpse turns blue indicating that you can use sweeper to obtain your items/mats. But that is not always the case. There are two possibilities that you will not obtain something from a mob you used spoil on.
1) Spoil didn't land. In this case you receive a system message that you used spoil but you don't receive the message that the spoil was successful. If you don't use spoil again on the mob before it dies, you won't be able to use sweeper after it dies. Improving the spoil success here is up to a spoiler. Ways to do that is leveling or enchanting the spoil skill.

2)Spoil landed but mob didn't give anything. In this case your spoil lands successfully, mob is in the correct level range of mobs that you can spoil but when the mob dies it doesn't turn blue while you still can use sweeper on it. The reason this happens is that you simply didn't get lucky  . Some materials have low or very low chance to be spoiled in one attempt. Numerous sites where you can find the official spoil drop lists, have these rates fixed for x1 servers like on retail. Playing on an x5 server, for example Dawn, these rates are boosted making spoil chance more successful. A spoiler can do nothing to improve this simply because he cannot manipulate the server rates or his...luck.
While the above are generally known to spoilers, I state them more for those who farm along spoilers and sometimes accuse spoilers of being incompetent or not qualified for spoiling. 
tip: when you farm in a place where mob respawn is not very fast, like in catacombs or Lair of Antharas, in case mobs usually fail to give you something to sweeper, I advise you to proceed and use sweeper instead of going to the next mob immediately. Spoiled mobs who don't turn blue (spoil chance failure) are still spoiled mobs and their corpse will remain around 10secs on the ground before it disappears, delaying more the mob respawn. If you use instead sweeper you sacrifice almost no mp for faster mob respawn.  

A list of all the skills available to be enchanted after the completion of the 3rd Class Quest and my recommendations will be posted soon.

Armors and Weapons
C grade=> Full Plate Armor Set + War Axe or Yaksa Mace
B grade=> Doom Plate Armor Set or BlueWolf Heavy Armor Set + Art of Battle Axe
About B grade I recommend BW heavy if you solo a lot due to its boost in P.attack. In my opinion a spoiler can survive through the C and B grade Levels with a shadow weapon. But at some point he/she should craft an AOBA Haste or Risk Focus (prefer the former if you are in a party with DPS, in order to have faster spoil reuse and the latter for solo purposes).
A grade=> Tallum Heavy Armor Set or Majestic Plate Armor Set + Meteor Shower (Focus)
Regarding A grade you can combine  Tallum Heavy  (+attack speed) with AOBA Rsk Focus (+critical attack when HP is lower than 60%). At later stages I highly recommend a Majestic Heavy set (+4% P.Attack and Str +2) along with a Meteor Shower Focus. This combo will boost greatly your attack power. You can add +4Dex -4Con dyes to boost a bit your attack speed, but don't expect any huge difference in rates. At this point I should mention my aversion to Elysian(A)/Doom Crusher(A) and BaSalt BattleHammer(S)/ DragonHunter Axe(S). These weapons have of course higher P.attack than Meteor Shower but the Special Abilities given as choices with them do not get my attention in the least bit. The first two can be bestowed with Health (+25%HP), Anger (-15%HP +P.attack 32) and Focus Drain (HP drain from mob during a critical attack). More HP doesn't help you, it only prolongs your suffering. HP drain is a joke. Anger could be an option but not to my liking. When I farm I want to kill fast not just hit harder. 
S grade=> Imperial Crusader Armor Set or Draconic Leather Armor Set. 
I usually opt for the first set because it makes the spoiler a bit tanky ( Boosts P.defense and HP and Str+2) but my favorite choice is the Draconic Set( +4% P.attack/Attack Speed and Dex/Str +1). With Draconic you sacrifice a portion of the P.defense you could have with IC set and gain some power attack and speed. Regarding the S weapons available which I mentioned above, their SAs are Health, HP Drain and HP regeneration. 3 jokes in a sentence. HP might be a big deal for a spoiler but as I said: I want to kill fast, not prolong my suffering, not just hit harder. For Olympiad matches though I would highly recommend BaSalt BattleHammer Health.

The best weapon for a spoiler on Interlude is   Barakiel's Axe   (top A weapon) that can be crafted with recipes (60%) and Blades acquired through 2 Quests in Primeval Isle. Both Quests require a lot of effort and luck but the outcome is worth your time. Barakiel's Axe can get Focus SA and has higher P.attack from Elysian and slightly lower from BHH. Spoilers have weak P.attack, so critical attacks, boosted attack speed and good buffs including at least chant of victory/prophesy of fire can boost greatly his/her autonomy.

Dyes+4Str -4Con (!) => These dyes can be spoiled/dropped from mobs inside and outside catacombs/necropolises. Hence, there is no need to buy them with AA from Merchant of Mammon
         +4Dex -4Con => not so important but these dyes can help with your farming, especially when your gear does not boost or decreases your Dexterity.

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