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New player looking for a home
Hey folks!

I am ready to start my adventure in Dawn. I am 27 years old. I would prefer to play with people who are fluent in English. I have a mic and ts3. I am not going to play solo because it is not fun.

I would like to have a clan that:

- Has people who won't mind partying with me (i.e. you could make a destro for raids, level your subclass or AQ char etc.)
- Uses teamspeak 3 so I can get to know people
- Has english as first language
- is a mature group
- has many carebears who party a lot, slay raids and enjoy pve rather than dragging me with C grades into useless wars against enemies with imperial crusader set +6 etc.

Thanks in advance.
If anything, you can reply under this thread or send me a pm on forums.
Cheers!  Beer
PvE clans are very small or not active.
Slaying RBs would also require you to go for a pvp, as there are many destro parties hunting them down.
Icy - PR / SH / DR / WC - Heretic Clan Apostle
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