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LF Clan/Academy (New Player)
Hey Dawners!

I just started on this server and am looking for a clan or academy to join. I am 32 y/o and from the United States. I would prefer to play with others from the USA but anyone that is fluent in English will do. I have a mic and discord(or ts3). Right now I am leveling an elf fighter but willing to reroll to a support character if need be. My in-game name is the same so hit me up! or reply.

Would like to have a clan that:

- Active voice chat server so I can get to know people
- English as first language
- Mature group

Thanks! Looking forward to playing lots more here on L2 Dawn ;D
Try RageQuit, they have some american/british ppl in your timezone and they use ts A LOT! Big Grin
and Welcome to Dawn!
[Image: 293evxe.jpg]
[Image: 23u2cn8.jpg]
Forgot to add if anyone else is new and needs someone to party with msg me ;D

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