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Draconic bow [1 adena]
Somewhere across the mountains,
across the woods, 
where people are scared to go alone,
there lived a fisherman. 

One day he caught a strange catch -
It was a bow, all dark and red, 
nothing he has seen before. 

He thus, being a simple human fisherman as he is,
decided there is no value to a person like him. 
So he decided to sell it to any adventurer that he meets during the week, 
for 1 adena.

"And if I don't meet anyone" - the fisherman said. -
I shall throw the bow back into the river.
[Image: useless-box-o.gif]
Let the hunt begin FeelsGoodMan
[Image: 293evxe.jpg]
[Image: 23u2cn8.jpg]
what should we find?
[Image: q58NDPh.png]
Try to read between lines :)
anyone found him?
[Image: q58NDPh.png]
Mountains, woods, people are scared to go there yet he LIVES there. Also he's a human fisherman that will throw it into a river.
Why do you try to decipher the hint here? KEEP IT to YOURSELF and go find a DB Big Grin
[Image: 293evxe.jpg]
[Image: 23u2cn8.jpg]
I searched all the fishermans in the l2 word, either someone bought it already or i dont know Big Grin
nobody found it yet?
[Image: q58NDPh.png]
Are we gonna get any anouncement when someone founds it?

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