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Clan < TheSaints > recruiting !
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[Image: dZ7zKpa.png]
Clan TheSaints <Lvl:8> 
FULL skills
Clan Hall - The Golden Chamber - Giran

International clan 
We are open to everyone who feels himself as a team player.
Using a voice program TeamSpeak3 for better organization mainly at clan events
and Discord program at other time including on our smartphones.

About our goals in the server and more info contact in game with :
 Kumpis , Smyndryk , ApeX , SSonic , Yobo and all other our members

Clan The Saints is really old and experienced clan which made his path through C4 and Interlude servers. Our clan leader ReaLH is very kind and helpful person and we enjoy a lot of fun in the game and on the team speak every day.
We help to one another and our purpose is in team playing and enjoying our time :)
If you want to have fun and enjoy the game you are all welcome to join us guys :) .
Hup. Too sort post.

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[Image: join@2x.png]
[Image: IrduvXW.png]
Awesome clan! Randomly joined a week ago and everyone is friendly and helpful. Also it's very active with lots of pvp and raids.
free bump for ppl who use discord ;)
[Image: e8887ff7048e53ec641a38dde395bcbb3592e0a1...ce2a60.jpg]
Clan TheSaints is looking for new members! If You like PVP/RB and use TS3 - this is best place for YOU!
Friendly and helpfull people are awaiting!

Most wanted classes: EE/SWS/OL
(12-12-2016, 07:11 PM)zdravkolineage Wrote:
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 I just joined Tm with one purpose. To get epics, and leave tm  then. 
too bad u dont support new players especially supports
[Image: q58NDPh.png]
CHarou tried to exp your main char - Prophet but you always leave after 5-10 mins. Maybe the problem is not in us.

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