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Known Issues & Goldbars
Hello, server cleanup definitely helped the performance, everything is smooth. We have done some server files integrity checks and some tests were failed. It could be the server files themselves failing not the server. We will restore the server files to the last known stable version during the next restart. As per usual, player accounts will remain intact and such maintenance will take not more than 10 min. 
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(09-26-2016, 08:02 PM)cs_office Wrote:
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Hello, I've played at this server for about one month and my connection and ping were just perfect regardless of how far away physically the server is located from me.

After the "scheduled 24-hours server maintenance" there are random mad lags started to appear. These lags are appearing only during the evening time and disappearing completely when the night time comes.

As a proof to my words this is my traceroute to server while lags are devastating my gameplay:
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And this is not the worst data I've cathed, usually there is from 30 to 40% loss at every point.

Consindering the abscence of connection problems before the maintenance happened and the data listed in traceroute screenshot I'm not going to believe this is a coincidence. I would be glad to hear some Admin-tier staff comments to this issue, I just don't wanna to quit from the last normal IL server. 

Not an Admin Tier, but 90 ping is not a lag.
If your lags only during the evening, consider to check another providers. Sometimes providers change routes due to different reasons.
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EWS has always been the ingame currency for Interlude when you reach end-game and the only things you can aim for are either a better OE gear or epics.
It's LMNOP not i-mnop!
Its not correct to say "always" cuz interlude on retail was about half year only and max adena limit wasnt a big problem there, but now we talk about x5 server with more then 1 year lifetime. And with GB will be easier to exchange highcost items, so only reason against golden bar is to keep EWSs overpriced for few ppl who farm them to sell
Lmnop said it, the only thing you can aim for is better oe gear and epics. You're wrong if you think introducing gold bars will lower the EWS prices. They are expensive because the demand for them is so high. No stinging gold bars, ty.
As was decided by the community the gold bars will not be added. Thank you for your votes.
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one question
when a poll result is taken under consideration

is there a limit of voters?

otherwise you should implement that also
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What about more than 1 new currency???

Bronze bar = 500kk
Silver bar = 1kkk
Gold bar = 2kkk

Can solve many issues ppl have spoken in all this thread and ingame

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