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Known Issues & Goldbars
Server format has successfully been completed and we are UP again. Some players couldn't access or reset their game accounts. ChinaTown was notified and confirmed that this is an issue because the mail server has not been configured yet after the format. He reassures everyone that the issue will be addressed as soon as possible. The aim of the scheduled maintenance was to boost the performance and fix the lag issues that many players had been facing in the last few days. If you still notice lags and random disconnects, please report them and the admin will take a closer look.

During the server maintenance, players could stay tuned and receive info on the progress from ChinaTown through his twitch streaming. This allowed them to communicate directly with the admin and discuss problems or make suggestions for the server. An interesting suggestion was proposed by Plantie (and ChinaTown thanks him for his awesome idea) to introduce goldbars in the server economy. The adena limit in interlude is not convenient and makes trading risky when more than 2kkk are agreed to be traded for valued goods. For these reasons, players will soon be able to exchange their adena for stackable goldbars. Only one type of goldbar will be available for exchange, equivalent to 1kkk. Of course, goldbars will NOT be available for donation.
[Image: 293evxe.jpg]
[Image: 23u2cn8.jpg]
We already got equivalent of gold bars with price based on market. Its EWS, why just dont make them stuckable ? Other enchant scrolls, skill books and life stones would be good to make stuckable too. Golden bars with 1 bil price should be not stuckable and have unique id for make easyer tracing theyr rotation to avoide washing botted/duped adena.
Agree with Hoh.
There are other things which would be "helpful" if it's stackable for everyone (life stone, spell books, enchants). This amount of Adena being stable is only useful to probably 10-20% of the server population which makes it useless for the rest of us. This change isn't really required.
This is what happens when you boost the adena rate x5 but you keep the game fees (gkp, consumables etc) retail. Use EWS as currency to trade your oe gear and epics if you have to but don't introduce goldbars. That will directly influence the market prices. Everything will become more expensive. I think you should move this to community suggestions section btw
We should probably make a topic to try and describe the lag issue as precisely as possible. I'll try from my side. I supply all my points with numbers, so if you want to add something, you can easily say "1.a, 1.b same. 1.c., the second kind of situation never happens to me", etc.

1) The problem itself looks as follows:
1.a. Most of the time everything is fine and normal.
1.b. When the spike starts, commands start reaching server with a delay (ping goes beyond 1000, the best the .ping command gave me was more that 30 thousand ping; usually it shows 5-6 thousand, but the reaction time seems even slower than 6 seconds).
1.c. The situation with the server sending data varies. Sometimes I see things happening with a delay (the extreme of this is that everything freezes until I get disconnected). Sometimes, however, everything keeps happening in real time: I see mobs moving, those people that did not get the problem chatting, etc, but my commands do not get through or get with a big delay.
1.d. The spike ends either with me disconnecting or stopping. I have not identified any features that could tell what happens when.
1.e. If I have two boxes, and try to send commands (i.e. act/move character) on one while not touching the other, the one that I actively use seems to have far better chances of staying connected when the lag ends.
1.f. Before yesterday, such spike happened twice in about 10 hours of gameplay and lasted about 1 minute each time. Yesterday I have faced it several times, and a lot of people reported it at the same or close times, so it seems that there was some exceptional stress on the server connection. There were periods when almost everyone in my chat was experiencing similar problems.

2) The server cleanup did not change the situation. Yesterday it happened way more often then before (so maybe there was some particular trouble), but I have faced the same issues from time to time before. So it is not about the server hardware for me.

3) I face no similar issues with any other destination when l2dawn starts having problems, and other people face similar problems with l2dawn. So it is not my ISP.

4) Sometimes I face the problem when other people say that everything is fine. Sometimes I hear people saying that they are facing the same while everything is fine for me. So it is not a general connection failure - feels more like bandwidth limit on the server/hoster side or access priority playing up (sorry, I'm not competent in this domain). Whether it happens due to failed DDoS or just to normal load spikes when the server or hoster puts some connections down in the line, I could not know.

5) I do not know if the probem with lag/connection looks exactly the same for other people, hence this attempt to gather evidence.
How did you test #3 ?
Ping spikes to all players, may come from network route issues close to the Dawn entry point.
Can be tested by running trace Windows app.
When spike takes place run in cmd: tracert l2dawn.com
Icy - PR / SH / DR / WC - Heretic Clan Apostle
Indeed, introducing Goldbars will directly affect economy and the price of some items may go sky-high. The least you could do is run this suggestion through the poll on forums to see if there are any valid objections against it first.
For example, will be Npc on Fantasy island who exchange:
1 GoldBar for 1kkk adena
1kkk adena for 1 GoldBar

Please explain how is it going to ruin economy?

GoldBar not stackable, tradeable, and if possible not disposable (you can't drop it).
Icy - PR / SH / DR / WC - Heretic Clan Apostle
(09-25-2016, 10:35 AM)Icy Wrote:
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How did you test #3 ?
Ping spikes to all players, may come from network route issues close to the Dawn entry point.
Can be tested by running trace Windows app.
When spike takes place run in cmd: tracert l2dawn.com

I'll try to remember to run tracert the next time it lags. So far I have tested it manually: addressing several content-heavy websites or launching another online game (the response in all cases was immediate). I agree that the problem is on the route between me and Dawn. I hope with some tracert evidence we'll find the culprit and see if it might be the hoster itself (i.e. someone L2Dawn could at least try to affect).

As a sidenote, I have run tracert right now (I have no lag at all, the .ping command in game shows 62 ms). The first four destinations are in my country, and they are 2ms or below, so I do not show them. The fifth point consistently exceeds response time, and it does not show what it tried to address - nonetheless, like I said, no lag at all. Should take this phenomenon into account when (or if) the lag returns.

  5     *        *        *     Response time exceeded.

  6    64 ms    64 ms    64 ms  be1-1170.sbg-g1-a9.fr.eu [] 
  7    63 ms    63 ms    63 ms  vl20.sbg-g1-a75.fr.eu [] 
  8    64 ms    72 ms    68 ms  be50-5.sbg-4a-a9.fr.eu [] 
  9    62 ms    61 ms    61 ms  ns375349.ip-37-187-160.eu [] 
ofc it will affect economy

for example i am selling a baium ring 3kkk, buyer will say "WTF!!! i wont buy it"
but if i sell it for 3 gold bars, buyer will say "OMG only 3!! give me 2"

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