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Server Clean up program
We have started doing the back ups and preparing the server for the format. 

The server will stay as is until Friday. The server will be shut down on Friday evening at 8:00 AM and the game as well as the main website ( will be inaccessible until Saturday. 

No wipe or rollback will occur. The backups will be placed back into their original places and all player data will be preserved and restored. 

The forums will be online throughout this period and this thread will be updated with the progress and news. 
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good luck :)
Nice work China! :)
[Image: cache_2432004007.jpg]
Good luck!
Icy - PR / SH / DR / WC - Heretic Clan Apostle
scary stuff
How this all will affect oly period?:)
Aready answered: It is same, as server was offline several hours.
Icy - PR / SH / DR / WC - Heretic Clan Apostle
nice, lets hope for the best after the refresh
The server cleanup procedure beginning. All status updates will be posted here.
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