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Unban request
Hello Admin, im gonna explain you the situation:

When i entered this server, i created some accounts for me and for my friends, because we all play together.

This summer, i was outside and not even playing the server, and i got banned for botting on my main character (AngelSpawN) and my friends told me that it was for botting on one of that secundary accounts.

Im sure u can check the IP of the last connection on the account that got caught botting, and you will check that it was not me. (Maybe check the IP that was playing on the main account 90% of the time, and you will see that it was me)

Hope you can check this, and you will see that im saying the truth.

Thank you very much
So who was botting with your secondary accounts? your friends?
[Image: 293evxe.jpg]
[Image: 23u2cn8.jpg]
yep, that is what im trying to explain. I know its funny and i dont have rights to ask for my unban, but im saying the truth.
You will probably get unbanned but have to start over, we will wait for GM final judgement.
Clan: Invictus

with char delete? :/ well lets wait for it, hope he can check that everything im saying its true
Waiting for ChinaTown to check this, i want to play again on the server
No way man. I'm waiting for 3 weeks - banned without any reason.
Does any GM check this?
Hello AngelSpawn. Your case is being investigated. Thank you for your patience.
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oh, thanks for you answer, i will wait, now i know that you are alive Tongue

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