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Ori's Event #019 - TvT Event [No Winner]
Hi All,

Lets do a Team vs Team event first. We will do a last man standing as the next event.

The teams are to be in 3's  

Please post the following if you would like to participate.

- Team Name
- 3 x Mian Player names
- 2 x Sub players  (can be used for strategic purpose of if one of the main people is away)

As its team based everything will be allowed such as Team buffing, HP, CP, Elixirs, healing, recharge etc.

The event will be held on the weekend when sieges isn't on. It will be a Saturday.
The date of the event will be decided once we have enough teams to make the event happen.  

I will make a spreedsheet similar to the below example and you will know who you are vsing.


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Wc + 2 archers will be winners team
Nothing is for sure, we will need to see at the end.
If healers cant resurect anyone - I ask to forbid stuns, backstabs, frenzy, covs/pows, charges for gladies also
Mmm okay I see what you mean.
Okay all skills are allowed including resurrection I will update original post.
You didnt mention usage of hero skills and hero weapons, rice cakes and quicks are debatable also.
Secondly, think about the fighting system: 3 fights between teams will be better then only 1 - to prevent wins under celestials. Duration of breaks, offparty recharges possibility between fights and a lot of other moments here.

As for scroll resurrection - if one team can res somebody with 15 sec scroll - whats problem with it too?

And a last question for thinking - who will be a winner, if last alive member of one team was summoner, then he was killed, but after it his summon kills the last member from another team? =)
Mmm well even if I say no hero skills how can I know if someone uses it?
Hero weapon has the glow right so that's easier to see.
Rice cakes and quicks is okay I think same as having a recharger with mana and heals.

The round will start with a countdown from 1 minute to give people time to buff etc.

At the end of each round there will be a 2 minute break before the start of next round. This gives you time to ready for the next round.

It's best out of 3 games so need to win 2 games to go to next round.

Scrolls of Rez is okay as well as buff scrolls.

The last senario is interesting but if that happens the one with the summon alive will win. The summon is considered is part of the team I would say. I am open to suggestions around this.
As for hero skills - effects of their casts are well known and easy to see
As for rice cakes, its the only one method for mana restore without recharger (Mana elixirs has long reuse time) and, for example, without them party with 2 burners and OL have good chances to win too.
I like this. I wish I could participate, but I can't Sad .
yeah... This event will be good I think. Unfortunately, my level is too low.
(12-12-2016, 07:11 PM)zdravkolineage Wrote:
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 I just joined Tm with one purpose. To get epics, and leave tm  then. 

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