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NextTargets HUMILIATED! [New PvP Video]
is it illegal to land lethals on mpiftekia?
He actually survived lethal loooool
[Image: 293evxe.jpg]
[Image: 23u2cn8.jpg]
not gonna lie, its hard to be your fan when you keep using crappy music FeelsBadMan
[Image: Terrible-Shit-500x373.jpg]
(08-24-2016, 05:04 PM)Lefanis Wrote:
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not gonna lie, its hard to be your fan when you keep using crappy music FeelsBadMan

Maybe it is a key factor to win pvp?
U should learn to respect enemies and stop talking bullshits like "IZI", "Humiliating" and so on.. I dont see nothing pro when u come with full prepared and buffed long range pvp class and kill Destro's pt, when half party is box'es and those guys dont even had windwalk. At least if u do something really nice and u will win some incredible pvp's u souldnt talk like this.
Killing on teleport? Okey, do it, it's a part of game, but call it as "Humiliating"? U really believe it? :)

If u are really legit player, u could be respectable player. But after those thrashtalks now i and the other players see u as a typicall kid / teenager... Think about it, Gemista.

p.s. i am talking about all gemista's video and attitude, not only about this vid.
your trilogy sux donkey's balls
that intro was just too sick. i jizzed (as mage fan) tho i must admit that it was basically like kicking lying person Big Grin effortless fight for TMS

U just have to accept that tms > all when we speak about trash talking in this server (currently) which has in some part to be backed by deeds....what they do.. Plus keep in mind guys that for some players it is enjoyable not only to destroy/humiliate but also to cause drama/ provoke enemies in flame threads. i must admit it can be fun to troll

cant believe i almost look like a sympathizer

P.S. Ipos fight was interesting not sure why NT fucking around and not concentrating their efforts on taking gemista down especially when he has no dances.

this part is better than partians
[Image: care-o-meter.jpg]
1. 8:19 WTF was that ????
2. I feel bad for you and your surroundings, you have some pretty obvious sings of mentally sickness, I mean it for real. Threat yourself if you can't pay it, tell me I'll take care of it.
Heretic Spectral Dancer 

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