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BloodPledge Updated Post !
I will fill this thread with details because mrBobe can only write as much as he was told.

This is the final conclusion regarding Krusnik.

The leadership was moved by other clan members using the built-in game mechanics which are not under our control and are automatic. This is how the game is supposed to work. So we cannot do anything about this and artificially giving you (Krusnik) the leadership would mean that we are breaking the game rules.

Furthermore, Krusnik no longer had the clan ownership, because it is impossible to have the ownership of a clan that you have no longer belonged to for quite some time.

Krusnik's forum account was temporarily suspended for 24 hours to let him calm down. Repeated spam or harassment will result in a harder penalty.
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Hello Poseidonas here i can edit this post just let me k ow with a forum msg
Make a new post clean, they will delete this one ...

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