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BloodPledge Updated Post !
Hello my name is Jap/Poseidonas and i am the Leader of BloodPledge,
BloodPledge clan is a close community international clan by friends for friends,we work on our relationships with our members and we are all close friends,we are using Skype team chat to char each other when we are offline from the game to have some company when we work or whatever,In Total we have 40~ active members,our balances online status is 12-20 active people stable.
We want to keep low profile on our recruitation thats why i would like to pass from an "interview" all possible new mates
(On clan you will find party even for 50-60 but and 70-80 parties to have actions)
We have a huge warlist with the best clans on server to have some more action (if you are a new player and you think you dont have enought experience of the game i understand and respect that,better dont come with us because of the huge warlist but if you are even a low level mate but friendly and with some skills of the game feel free to come with us and farm some clan points from our enemies)

We are not have level limit on recruitation because we would support 100% all the members who we will judge that is good for our team with equipment and level,but in order to do that you must be 100% trustfull,friendly and active.

We would like to have all possible classes (pp classes wont get much support from clan because we think they are not 100% usefull for our targets)

When i will feel that you are trustfull i will tell you our clan activites as well because i cant just post in a forum what we exacly do and what is our target

Clan is Level 7 with all (level) skills
We have Clan Hall on Rune.

Feel free to pm ingame "Poseidonas / "Jap - "Rar (officer) and "Letty (officer)

Thanks for your read time,have fun in game and if you are a newbie feel also free to pm me! :)
For North American hours please feel free to pm me in game or leave a message here. We are always looking for active and loyal members.
Post is up and still recruit feel free to pm !
Post update: we allready invite low level nukers on clan and we looking for more nukers and supports to exp together -- also is a nice period to join us new players because we are leveling our subclasses and we would like to exp with you, feel free to pm in game Poseidonas or Rar
Hello Clan post updated:we stop all wars / we dont have ally anymore / we focus on plvl - equipment and recruit new people and we will come back stronger! feel free to pm Poseidonas!

Friendly International English speaking clan in a friendly ally recruiting all class types. <3
Amazing clan with amazing ally and amazing leader !!! GO GO BP
The investigation was concluded. ChinaTown found out that Krusnik left his clan BloodPledge some time ago and joined other clans. A new leader took over BloodPledge (Poseidonas) and now the newest leader is Letty. Therefore Krusnik has no rights on BloodPledge anymore and the clan is capable of choosing a new clan leader. Since this thread was posted by a leader who is no longer in BP, I can move it to archive and Letty or other BP officers can create a new one.

Krusnik banned for 2 days for harassing repeatedly ChinaTown and spamming in recruiting threads.
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Thanks Bobe!

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