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GUIDE: The Healers route from 20-39
This guide will provide you some advises on how to Exp such a limited class when we talk about hunting monsters.
Before we start, there is one thing you must keep in mind:

Your role is that of a healer so always make parties your first priority
I cannot stress this enough! Use the Party Matchmaking system in place here at DAWN!

Well then, without further delay let’s begin!! Do bear in mind that there are quicker ways to go about leveling Healers up, however following this method, it will result in hopefully a near-constant supply of mana due to herbs, as well as a low expenditure of Spiritshots!

Level 20

After you completed your first class change (path to a cleric / oracle) you will get a semi-nuke called Disrupt Undead and this will be your main attack skill. You’ll also receive better heals, resurrection and some buffs along. Our new target will be undead monsters because now we have a “holy” type of attack and attribute. Now that we know our objective we need to go where undead gathers, so to say, “undead hunting grounds”. We will focus in Ruins of Agony located on Gludio territory and hunt Ruin Spartoi Lv 21 (passive) and Raging Spartoi Lv 22 (aggressive).

Another option for us is to adventure into Ruins of Despair and hunt lower levels undead. If you want to kill zombies keep in mind they have very strong magical defense which make them though opponents. We’ll keep on killing these mobs until we reach level 25 and learn new skills.

NOTE: For power-leveling, we can hunt Monster Eye Searcher Lv 22 x2 HP (passive) until we reach level 28. Using our Wind Strike, they are easy kills because of their “wind element” weakness and weak magical defense (You will need decent jewels for this).

Level 25:

This time we have to make decisions thinking on our wallet. In Schuttgart, near Dwarven Village there is a hunting ground named Crypts of Disgrace, which is really good not only for you but all classes. The monsters there give a really nice amount of EXP and the spoil is great. Grave Robber Lookout Lv 27 and Grave Robber Scout Lv 27 too, both passive monsters are our goldmine. There are other mobs around there also worthy of our time.

As I said before, we need to think about our wallet if going to Crypts of Disgrace is the plan. If not we always can hunt mobs in the Execution Grounds located on Dion Territory. Neer Crawler Lv 28 Passive
Neer Ghoul Berserker Lv 29 Aggressive
Strain Lv 31 Passive
Ghoul Lv 32 Passive

As you can see, we don’t get too much of variety when we are alone. Either way, we’ll keep on hunting there until we reach level 35 and again, learn new skills.

Level 35:

This time we only get two options. The first one is to stay in Execution Grounds hunting lower level monsters. The second one is traveling to Giran Castle Town and from there go to Hardin’s Private Academy or Death Pass where we will hunt Fettered Soul Lv 38 HP x2 Passive. Keep hunting until we reach level 40 and make our second class change.

Gears we need to have:


Robe armor is a must!! We can use Devotion Set if we are short of cash but Mithril Robe Set is highly recommended for healers. When we reach level 35 is very likely we’ll have to confront other types of monsters, especially when doing second class quests and our Wind Strike is not going to help us here. I recommend getting Light set to resist more damage and worry not! We have passives for it.


Crucifix of Blessing is the first weapon we need to get for healing and buffing. With this we are going to save great amounts of adena (game currency). If you are efficient with your playtime, shadow weapons are enough to get you level 35 in no time. Get yourself a Blunt-type weapon when you reach level 35 because we’ll need to do physical damage and with blunts our accuracy boost greatly. Is also good to have because most of undead monsters have weakness for this type of weapon and if learned Holy Weapon we can still kill undead without spending that much MP. NOTE: Using Spiritshots (not blessed) for leveling saves a lot of adena and the damage we do isn’t so bad.


Grim Collector (Lv 15 – Gludio)

1 Zombie Head = 30a
1 Zombie Heart = 20a
1 Zombie Liver = 20a
1 Skull = 100a
1 Rib Bone = 40a
1 Spine = 14a
1 Arm Bone = 14a
1 Thigh Bone = 14a
If you bring in more than 10 pieces, you get a bonus of 1629a

For a complete skeleton you get 341a plus a basic bonus of 543a starting from the very first skeleton.

Grave Robber Annihilation (Lv 20 – Crypts of Disgrace)

Here a list of the available materials after bringing 120 goods in:

30 Varnish
40 Animal Skin
40 Animal Bone
30 Charcoal
30 Coal
30 Iron Ore

Hunt of the Black Lion (Lv 25 – Dion)

Potions of Alacrity
Scrolls of Escape
Spiritshots D
Soulshots D
Healing Potions

(For all info,
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Have added a bit of info here and there, but the base of the article was posted by my old Clannie Vayu, who hopefully will be joining the server soon!
how about Dgrade coupons i cant seem to exchange them :/
Just head to Giran Weapon Shop buddy, you can exchange them for shadow weapons there.
just to point some things:

i went with a friend in crypts of disgrace and we found out that all the "ghosts" there were humanoid (even thos they were marked as undead in pmfun) so we couldn't use the undead skill. (DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOUR MOBS, WE DIDN'T SAW THEM)
as a tip here, if you want a cheaper teleportation to that place (and not pay 87k or how much it costs from giran) you should use this path (taking all the ports because it will be cheaper) dion -> gludio -> orc village -> schuttgart -> crypt of disgrace

about leveling zones, i recommend to use the upper execution ground from around 27 to 35
and death pass for Fettered Soul is not really a good idea since they are pretty hard and they are not so many.

at this lvl (35) you got enough lvl for mana recharge and it should be pretty easy to find a nuker to go with, especially when at this lvl it goes harder for him as well.
[Image: vo1ljs.jpg]
[Image: bgtslf.jpg]
"The best part about me is I am not you."
Yeah i went to crypts of disgrace yesterday and i was fucked hehe
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Shezz - Cleric
Gumsy - Artisan
SpoilIT - Spoiler
Yeah, this is just wrong.

"Your role is that of a healer so always make parties your first priority
I cannot stress this enough! Use the Party Matchmaking system in place here at DAWN!"

Uhh, no. Bishop and EE are fully capable of soloing their way to the top. They dont even need a box buffer. Also, let's not encourage reliance on parties in classes that are fully capable on fending for themselves. The only healer that relies on parties is the SE. Also, let's not encourage healers to think of themselves as more valuable, because that leads to the influx of snobby healers who think they can dictate conditions, just because they play a class that is in high demand. Seen them a thousand times. A good DD is just as valuable, and if a healer is an asshole, it's better to kick her and manage with characters that can off-heal.

Also, from level 20, you just grab your shadow weapon exchange coupons and buy those ugly D grade magic weapons, and go pew pew pew every undead mob in cemetery (walk up the stairs near Warden Roderik, and look out for the Hangman Trees) until you are 35. Very easy, with many mana herbs and herbs of magic. Use a devotion set and be happy. After that, you either organize a few raids, or suffer your way to level 40 in hardins private academy.

From 40-48 Dragon Valley.
48-52 cemetery
52-60 Fields of Massacre

And from that point on you are either smart enough to solo or you aren't. Capitalize on Turn undead and make the most of it.
You can go until 65+ at FoM at the Doom Knights and Guards.
This guide is helping the newbie cleric me really well so far. Thank you so much!

Also, in regards to crypts of disgrace, the Grave Robber Lookouts are the only undead mobs at the place, but you can circle around 4-5 spawns of them since they are relatively close to each other. You can also pull them with wind strike since the mobs there are not social (helps avoiding unecessary aggro from the 29 level mobs there). If you get the magic attack herb buff, you can trash everything in sight. Stayed there between 25 an 29 :) :)

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