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[IMPORTANT] Read this before reporting a bug

We are always busy working on the server and we are keen on improving the server and giving you the best possible experience of Interlude. 

An important part of our work are the bugs and issues you guys report. To keep this process easy, here are some guidelines you should follow:

On the forums:
  • The GM team is here to address valid issues and is under constant workload. If in doubt, please do not ask questions related to game tips or general enquiries about how the game mechanics actually work.
  • Before posting, be sure to double-check and verify that what you are reporting is a legitimate bug.
  • Make sure that you are not reporting something that was discussed before.
  • Please be as clear and precise as possible (mob/ quest/ item etc. name, exact situation).
  • If possible or needed, provide screenshots or other media.
  • Be patient, we read all the threads although not always respond to them. Most likely we will respond as soon as a solution/ fix has been found/ implemented. 
  • Always use English language so that everyone else can understand your problem. 
  • If a problem was reported and you know a solution to it - feel free to post it. 
In game: 
  • Whenever possible, post a thread in this forum rather than trying to message GM staff in-game, unless the situation demands for it.
  • You can view online GMs by using a /gmlist command.
  • Make sure your PM is important and urgent.
  • Start your PM including your question.
  • Make sure your question is clear, relevant and understandable.
  • Use English language. 
  • If you can't use English language you can contact the following GMs using the mentioned languages: 

    ChinaTown: English, Italian, Lithuanian
    Nyr: English, Bulgarian
    Pinng: English, Norwegian

    Because of before mentioned large amounts of work and multitasking we simply will not be able to respond to people that don't follow these guidelines. 

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 
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Heloo! Mobs Delu Lizardman Scout at Plains of Dion dont respawn anymore for about 10 hours.
Thank you verry much

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