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"How we won the server" - The Trilogy [Part 3 of 3: The Ganks]
why u try to seem such an idiot with ur answer?u by urself took a pic with active empower and u posted it then deleted it and then saying i dont know i am not even using it..IQ how much?below zero?

they are right that they say u are toxic for the community and i am not wondering why any more..:/
too bad for the GMs and the other players that made all that effort for real..
The hero scepter is the overpowered one.
I got the empower 2 days ago and never used it.

Again, you can believe whatever you want.
Don't need to use it, just test the boost if you have a free 10sec.
Also, active empo augment boost %? Have you test that one yet?
Ask kromka she has had it for months.
Isn't the m attack from the augment supposed to be a fixed value added in the end? Afaik it's not a % but an amount added to your total m attack. Kinda like the empower sa . What was his m attack btw?
A little bit more of 10k.

Does the Pope shit in the woods?
Lol, not even a sh can go that high. It's definitely broken
(07-30-2016, 11:10 AM)PhilBrooks Wrote:
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Does the Pope shit in the woods?

Keep my Pope out of this
[Image: 293evxe.jpg]
[Image: 23u2cn8.jpg]
Fit mi irl dworf
Gemi can you please tell me how much % the active augment empower provides here?

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