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When the Sieges are too easy
Sometimes, you have to fight your own teammates to create some action  Kappa

That's what happens when people leave and there's no real competition. Sad
(07-24-2016, 06:23 PM)Tprm Wrote:
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That's what happens when people leave and there's no real competition. Sad

Lol you must not have seen sieges this time last year.  We did a last man standing at giran cause no one came :d.  Typical summer activity.
I don't spend much time in game during summer either. The thing is though that there's no other strong side
People need to make a strong side... fighting against each other while also fighting us, our enemies are just shooting themselves in the foot. All of our enemies are spread thin because they can't get a long to form a strong long term alliance.
Would you join your enemies to fight a stronger side? And even if they did, do you think it would be enough to win against you?
then they should choose their enemies more wisely...

when we were on the weak side. we didnt try to find someone weaker to pretend that we are winning somebody. Insted we used anything we could to beat tygryski
There's a term that people use for clans who team with the enemy to beat a common foe...hand-holding. That's what I'm saying
there is a term for clans that choose to fight a weaker opponent instead of stand against the strongest one... chicken
Like I said, there's only one strong side. Everyone else is too weak at this point to win against you. You want them to band together (aka hold hands) just to give you a challenge?

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