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New website and new possibilities
Hello there,

I have finally finished designing and coding our new website.  :shy:

I think you will be happy. Here are the features and upgrades compared to our old website:

Full mobile support

The website now has a fully operational and intelligent built-in mobile support and automatically readjusts itself to fit your screen, whether it is a PC, a tablet or a mobile phone. Some of you have requested for a mobile support to make voting easier- there it is guys. 

Easy voting for the web version

I have remastered voting links for the desktop version of the website. Now when voting, you will not be redirected to the voting site, nor will you have to struggle with endless tabs in your browser. Our website opens voting pages as a pop up, so that you can easily vote and close the pop up once done voting - saving you time and energy. 

Neat look for our upcoming advertising campaigns

The website is fully prepared, SEO friendly for our upcoming advertising campaign of the summer. My goal was to make this website a representation of our project, for you guys to be proud of being a part of  (a very significant and loved part I must add). Therefore not only it should become a much more user-friendly tool for our existing users but also a way to attract new players. 

Upcoming changes

The website will be updated a bit in a few days time (multi-language support, some additional links). 

Multi-Language support

The website will be translated to Italian, Lithuanian and Portuguese in a few days time.

We are also looking forward to translating it to the following languages: Russian, Polish, Czech, Greek. The amount of text to be translated is not big, so if you want, you may contribute to the translation of the website by pming me. 

Translators will be rewarded with completely remastered forum profile looks and custom titles to their liking/ decision. They will also be added to our eternal Hall OF Fame.

Thank you guys for supporting us with your kind words, notices and votes. This work was a great joy for me to make and present to you. 

Let me know if you like our new website and if everything is working fine for you,


[Image: useless-box-o.gif]

Good ChinaTown, hv many Brazilians playing L2 Dawn. (about 15 - 25).

This return of Staff is very important because it demonstrates the commitment to service. This service is very good so far, I see all the time GM's online and giving attention to players in the game.
L2 DAWN - The Best Low Rate :heart:
MAIN: FooMagale ~> Necromancer (60)
Hello ChinaTown,

I can help you with the translation if you want. I speak fluently Greek, German, English and also I am a programmer. I program in C/C++/PHP/HMTL/CSS/JavaScript. If you need my help let me know.
I know I'm new, but I'm willing to help translate any portuguese text you need.
China, I sent you a PM about translation help. Let me know, if you gonna take it into consideration! :)
watashi wa kaizoku wo ou ni naru!!

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